There are hundreds of movies per year, but only a small part has been successful. The business insider network decides to rank the most successful movies in 2015 in accordance with global box office performances, film reviews comments and fans.
From the website, we have selected the highest movie news of 150 box buildings on the weekend of December 20, and then subtract their production budgets and draw the fumes. We also collected commentator scores (range: 0 to 100) and fans score from IMDB (range: 0 to 10) from IMDB. We combine these three indicators to take their geometries, and rank movies according to this integrated score. Our list includes some movie news released in 2014, because their large-scale release box office is mainly in 2015.
The top 50 of the top 50 global box buildings were $ 19 billion. Many films are all remake or sequel, including VIN Diesel's action block "Speed ​​and Passion 7" (Furious 7). The film gains a box office champion, thanks to the strong evaluation of fans and film reviews, and breaking the global box office expectation of $ 1.3 billion.
Just a weekend, "Star Wars: Eraw Waken" with a record of $ 529 billion in the weekly box office, the ninth; in the last few days of 2015, this number may also rise.
See the most successful 5 movie news in 2015:
"Women's Gold"
In the "Golden Woman", Helen Millen plays a survivor of World War II, she tried to take back the family property that was stolen by Nazi, including a value of a lot of painting, Reno Reynolds is her lawyer. Reviewers are not enthusiastic about this real story, but the audience is very tolerant.
Black Mass
"Black Mass" describes the rise of Hete Balls (Bull Bulger), which is considered to be one of the best black movies in recent years. After experiencing a series of curious, Oil-free film shooting decisions, Johnny Dupu once again starred in the best state.
"Or Alice"
Julianne Moore proved this in "Still Alice", she played a columbia university language in the film in the film. professor. The film was released in the 2015 award season, Moore won the Oscar Award (I have won three nominations in the past) and the best heroine of the Golden Games, which may help the film to get considerable box office revenue during this year. .
"Unfriend" is a fresh, online popular youth horror film. A girl was alive because of the bullied chat room account, a group of students became the goal of the revenge plan. Limited budget made this bloody movie gain a huge success.
Pixel "
"Space Intrudes" showcases classic video game characters in "Pixel Wars", which is a poor game that can make a group of children, but few people can please other children. Adam Sandler and Kevin James continue to polish the movie garbage into diamonds for the film company.