During our research, we came across 105 service providers that are presently engaged in providing teleradiology services. The domain is currently dominated by small (40%) and mid-sized players (33%). This can be attributed to the fact that healthcare domain has seen a shift from traditional image interpretation services to teleradiology services in the recent years, especially with increase in cases where the patients are not able to frequently visit their healthcare professional due to the lockdowns imposed because of COVID-19 pandemic. Further, increased preference of radiologists to work from home, due to COVID-19, has spurred the establishment of many start-ups in this domain.


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Even though teleradiology services are being provided by players based all across the globe, most of the service providers engaged in this domain (~40%) are headquartered in North America, followed by Asia, Europe, Middle East and North Africa, and South America.


During our research, we observed that majority (81%) of the teleradiology service providers offer teleradiology services for both CT scan and MRI image interpretations. This is followed by players offering X-ray (67%), ultrasound (60%), and PET (41%). Examples of the companies processing all types of images include (in alphabetical order with no selection criteria) 4ways Healthcare, XXX, XXX, XXX, and Cloudex Radiology.

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Currently, majority (18%) of the service providers are offering teleradiology solutions for interpretation of mammography specific images, followed by musculoskeletal (17%), neuroradiology (16%), nuclear medicine (15.5%), cardiology (14%), pediatrics (12.5%), and oncoradiology (25). Some of the players that offer teleradiology solutions for interpretation of all types of subspecialty images include (in alphabetical order, with no selection criteria), XXX, All-American Teleradiology, XXX, XXX, and Narayana Health.




Majority (84%) of the teleradiology service providers are offering services to hospitals, followed by diagnostic / imaging centers (45%), and patients (11%). Some of the players that offer teleradiology services to all types of end users include (in alphabetical order) include, BalticRAD, XXX, and National Diagnostic Imaging.


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