Lactoglobulin protein is the major whey protein obtained from the milk of cow, sheep, and many other mammalian species. Lactoglobulin proteins are of two types, Alpha-lactoglobulin and Beta-lactoglobulin. Beta-Lactoglobulin is found in milk skin (the sticky film of protein that forms on top of milk while heating). Lactoglobulin protein is used in various sectors such as research laboratories, food processing, nutraceuticals, and dietary supplement manufacturing industries. Lactoglobulin protein is the main component of whey protein. Lactoglobulin accounts for more than 50% of whey protein. The growing trend of fitness and bodybuilding has a great impact on the lactoglobulin protein market. Demand for lactoglobulin protein is tremendously growing among the whey protein manufactures and ultimately in fitness freak consumers. Lactoglobulin protein is present in all of the three types of whey protein, concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate. Lactoglobulin protein is found to be allergen mostly in the children but rarely seen in adults. Hence, adults all over the world are opting lactoglobulin protein in the form of whey supplements or nutraceuticals to gain weight and to build the muscles.

Health Benefits of Lactoglobulin Protein.

Lactoglobulin is the major component of whey protein. It accounts for minimum 50% of total whey protein. Many dietary supplements manufacturing companies are using lactoglobulin protein in their products. Several studies in food and healthcare are done by taking lactoglobulin. Lactoglobulin protein resists to both gastric and simulated duodenal digestion. It acts as a potential carrier for delivering gastric labile hydrophobic drugs. In addition, lactoglobulin protein also contributes to the defense against severe disease. Lactoglobulin protein includes antioxidant and antimicrobial activities. Hence Lactoglobulin protein helps in curing various bacterial infections such as septic and sepsis. Such inclusion has enabled the local manufacturers of Lactoglobulin protein-based supplement products to expand and reach the global market, which is expected to boost the growth of the Lactoglobulin protein market.  Request A Sample-

Global Lactoglobulin protein Market: Key Players

Lactoglobulin accounts for more than 50% of whey protein. Hence many supplement manufacturers are focusing on this product. Some of the major manufacturers and suppliers operating in the global lactoglobulin protein market are Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, MuscleTech, Alfa Chemistry, MuscleBlaze, Glanbia Performance Nutrition, Inc., GNC Holdings, Inc., Arla Foods Ingredients Group P/S, CHK Industries Private Limited, Merck KGaA, Nutrimed Healthcare Private Limited, American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI), and AMCO Proteins. Except them, many other manufacturers and industrialists are showing a keen interest in lactoglobulin protein, which is expected to boost the demand for the same during the upcoming years.

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Opportunities for Market Participants

The growing trend of fitness and muscles building among consumers is the factor which is escalating the demand for lactoglobulin protein all over the world. Lactoglobulin protein is the major component of whey protein, which helps in bodybuilding. Lactoglobulin accounts for more than 50% of whey protein. The market of whey protein is tremendously increasing all over the world due to the growing fitness trend. Hence, it can be expected that the lactoglobulin protein market would also grow positively in the future, as it is the major part of the whey protein. People all over the world are becoming conscious of their physique. Everyone wants to get a good physique for that they are doing the extensive workout in the gym. But, to get great muscles and good physique, protein is mandatory. In regular diet, we do not get enough protein. Hence, to provide a sufficient amount of protein to the body before and after workout, some supplements are needed such as whey protein which contains lactoglobulin protein. So, by these factors, it is expected that lactoglobulin protein market would grow positive during the upcoming years.