The MTU 2000 series diesel engine is a product designed and put on the market at the end of the last century by the German MTU company. Due to its high power density, compact structure and good reliability, MTU 2000 series marine engines are widely used in high-speed ships worldwide. In addition, due to the low fuel consumption rate and the excellent performance that can meet various current emission standards, the German MTU 2000 series engines have also been widely used in the civilian field (especially in the field of various high-performance ships). What are the characteristics of MTU 2000 series engines?

 1. High combustion air volume and low cabin heat dissipation

MTU 2000 series engines are highly supercharged engines, but they also have extremely high compactness. Therefore, the power per unit displacement of the engine is much higher than that of ordinary engines, and the amount of combustion air required is also very large. However, the MTU 2000 series engine with such a highly enhanced power has very low heat dissipation to the nacelle, which is mainly due to its unique three-layer wall design of the air pipe. There is a cavity between the inner channel of the exhaust pipe and the outer wall, so that the gas in the pipe does not contact the outer wall, and the heat transfer is isolated. The outer wall of the pipe has a lower temperature, which satisfies the requirements of ship inspection and reduces the heat loss to the engine room. Therefore, the ventilation volume used for engine room cooling can be greatly reduced.

 2. Product upgrades are compatible with new and old products

So far, MTU 2000 series engines have had the seventh generation of products. The emergence of new generation MTU 2000 series engines is not only to increase power and reduce fuel consumption. The upgrade of MTU 2000 series engines is to find a better compromise between reducing emissions and fuel consumption; on the other hand, it is also to meet the needs of new application areas.

3. Features of electronic control system

When the MTU 2000 series engine is used as the main engine of the ship, it needs to be controlled by the special electronic system of MTU. In addition to the on-board control, the electronic control system of the centralized control room and the cab can also be configured as required. In order to obtain the most reasonable cost, the systems provided with or without ship inspection requirements are different, and the method of adding items cannot be used to convert a system without ship inspection requirements to a system that meets the requirements of ship inspection.

4. Selection of engine characteristic curve and propeller design point

Since the fuel injection system of the MTU 2000 series engine is electronically controlled, the fuel injection volume at each speed is set by programming. There is a maximum power platform on the characteristic curve of the MTU 2000 series engine, which is formed by adjusting the fuel injection volume.

The above is an introduction to the characteristics of MTU 2000 series engines. MTU 2000 series marine engines take the field of high-speed ships as their main market and have been widely used in countries all over the world. In China, since the 1990s until now, the number of German MTU 2000 series engines has been increasing significantly.Guangzhou Hui Yuan Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.can provide maintenance and spare parts supply for MTU396, 2000, 183 series engines, please contact us!