The 22nd game day goes on the stage from 11 to 13 February. Friday evening, Welder has to go to the Baltic Sea. On Saturday afternoon, the game rises between KSC and Nuremberg. The top game on Saturday evening may deny the two surprise teams Regensburg and St. Pauli and the tags receives Düsseldorf Schalke 04.

On the 23rd match day Nuremberg and Regensburg will issue their neighborhood duel on Saturday evening (19 February). Schalke and Paderborn start on Friday evening in the match day.

However, the highlight of the contracts will be the game between the Hamburg SV and Welder Bremen on the 24th match day. The traditional north duel rises on Sunday afternoon in Hamburg.

They Beat Up Our Goalkeeper I Derby Days Hamburg - HSV v St Pauli Schalke and Hanover as well as Düsseldorf and the HSV meeting on the 27th match day afternoon (19 March).

The 22nd match day at a glance

The 23rd match day at a glance

The 24th match day at a glance

The 25th match day at a glance

The 26th match day at a glance

The 27th match day at a glance

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