Amith Garments Services is a well-known Textile Testing Equipments & Instruments Manufacturers, Suppliers in Bangalore, India. Our company's main aim is to provide the best services for the Indian textile Industries and deliver high-quality products to the customers. We are offering the best quality solutions at all phases of manufacturing.

Textile quality testing

We are also the well-known service providers of Pantone Color Standards in Bangalore, India. Our Color standards are highly used in garments, industries, primarily printings. The Pantone allows many manufacturers to maintain unique color standards for the same product.
Pantone Color matching is mainly recommended color reproduction system, by standardizing the colors, different manufacturers in various locations can all refer to the Pantone system to confirm color match without direct interaction with one another.

color matching cabinet

The Pantone system also allows for many special colors to be produced, such few are metallics and fluorescents. The idea behind the PMS is to allow designers to "color match" specific colors when a design enters the production stage, regardless of the instrument used to produce the color.
Pantone colors are described by their allocated number.PMS colors are highly used in branding and also found their way into government legislation and military standards.

Pantone products

Some of the Pantone products available in Amithgarments are as mentioned below;
Pantone Products
PMS Code
TGP Color Specifier+Guide Set
Tear out Chips for each colors
TGP Color Guide
Single Color for each color
Cotton Passport
2,310 Pantone Fashion+Home+Interiors Colors.
Swatch Size will be 1.5cm*1.5cm.
Cotton Planner
2,310 Pantone Fashion+Home+Interiors Colors.
Swatch Size will be 2.0cm*2.0cm.
Cotton Swatch Library
2100 market-ready colors 2/2 Fabric Swatch Size
Cotton Swatch Card
4*4 double-layered
Cotton Chip Set
2100 market-ready colors 1/1 chip format -100%cotton
Nylon Brights
Swatch Size 11/4*4 loose format.
International Fashion magazines are also made available to customers for more reference.

pH meter

pH Meter

Pull Tester

Button Snap Pull Tester
Amith Garments products are delivered on time with the best raw materials, best manufacturing technology with strict adherence to international standards like ASTM, BS, ISO, etc. Our Instruments are made for fault-free running.
Our Company Products are supplied with calibration certificates with traceability and are supplied with detailed user manuals.
We also provide Lab Layout and design plans free of charge to full lab orders.
Some of the well-known and popular Amith Garment Service products are as mentioned below;
Shrinkage Template and scale
Fabric inspection machine
Small GSM Cutter
Pull Test Machine
Washing fastness tester
Pantone color Standards
GSM Machine
Reed - Pick Glass
GSM Scale
Swatch making machine
Shrinkage Testing
Crock Meter
Fabric Rolling Machine
Pantone Swatches
Colour Matching cabinet
Imported Washing Machine