Full Automatic Pillow Pouch Toffees Horizontal Flow Wrapper

The JH-Z1205 high speed horizontal flow packaging machine is for candies, toffees or other solid food with regular shapes such as spherical, oval, cylindrical, square, etc. Output: 100-1200 packs/min
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√ Clear separation between drive box and electric box and product area for high hygiene level

√ Provide right and left hand versions to reduce labor costs

√ The automated film change ensures uninterrupted operation

√ Three independent servo drive shafts control feeding chain traction, film pull and activation of sealing jaws

√ Equipped with trays for collection of product residue

√ Human Machine Interface (HMI) enables fast and clear access to all required areas and functions such as product size change, multi-zone temperature control, error indicator and trouble-shooting procedures

√ Equipped with large material feeding tray and automatic feeding device (Vibration hopper) to ensure stable, continuous and efficient feeding and packaging

√ Can be equipped with conveyor lines for full automation