When we go to a party we expect good sights to see, excellent music to hear and good food to taste. This third department is handled by the caterers in Dwarka. Dwarka was developed to house the increasing population of Delhi and whenever all of the residents here want to party the caterers are here to help.

These caterers will serve at your weddings, birthdays, corporate events, kitty parties, small house parties or at any occasion you have in mind. They will prepare food for any number of guests but few of them have limitations on the minimum while others put limits on the maximum number of guests. They can serve at any time of the day and if your party goes late into the night, they will work overtime to serve too. 

Every restaurant specialises in a cuisine but the caterers specialise in multiple cuisines. Caterers in Delhi will serve items from Mughlai, Punjabi, Chinese, South Indian, Italian and continental cuisines to count a few. These caterers will go as far as you want to go with your budget. They all charge per plate which includes all of their services. These charges start from Rs 2,00 and can go over Rs 3,000 per plate. The more items you want to be served, the higher will be the prices. The caterers will bring in their crockery, cutlery and glassware if you need.

They all bring their pots and pans for serving and the decorations on the serving tables are always theirs. They will provide service staff comprising bearers and bartenders, who will impress you with their service. They also provide cleaners for the cleanup at the end.

They are all in the business to make money, but most of them are foodies who love delicious food and want to serve the same to you too. 

What is the role of the management of caterers at the party?

#1- The managers often taste what has been prepared.

#2-They see the reactions of the guests.

#3- They talk with guests about what they feel about their services.

#4- They may be offered additional business on the spot if their work is liked.

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