For Apollo participants, they'll need to NBA 2K22 MT wear khaki pants as well as grey suits to meet the requirements. Once again, head toward the City Runway to fulfill this portion of the requirement. Then, move on towards the NBA game requirement.

As of now, players need to achieve "My Point" points through completing tasks, professional games street basketball games and so on. This will allow them to increase the character limit. Simply put even if an abundance of VC Coins and you have elevated the abilities of your characters to the highest level in the beginning of the game, you still require "My Point" knowledge through continual play to train your characters to become top NBA stars. .

At the start of the course, the characters value will be greatly reduced to only about an average of 60 points. Enter college, participate in the G-League or directly join the NBA?

After formally launching in the "My Career" mode, the players are presented with the option to "enter the university to participate within the G-League", "participate in the G-League" or "participate in the NBA draft." If you choose to participate in the NBA, the character cannot be admitted into the university again , and continue to participate in the G-League or if you decide not to be a part of the G-League then you are able to continue to play in the NBA following the completion of a season, but cannot return to this college league.

If you select a university and you want to play in all three options. In other words, if the person desires to obtain the greatest experienceor test the strength of the character, it's recommended to select the college league at the beginning, followed by the G-League, and finally join the NBA. In addition, if you do win the championship at 2K MT your college it will also mean that the player be awarded an additional badge.