There are many ways to improve your restaurant, and one of them is surveying.

You own a restaurant but have you ever thought about surveying the customers? If you haven’t, it’s something worth considering.

Whether you have a restaurant in Kaikoura or anywhere in New Zealand or around the world, you can get a wealth of information by surveying your customers. You can ask your customers questions, such as customer services, food quality, and the overall restaurant vibe.

Why Is Surveying Crucial For Restaurants?

First of all, surveying allows you to take a sneak peek of your restaurant’s performance. By doing so, you can learn where and why something is going wrong and improve that.

This will also allow you to understand where you are shining and where you are falling short. So, surveying helps restaurant owners in different ways.

Are you wondering what to ask? To help you out, we have created a list of important questions that will do good for your restaurant.

Take a look at the most common and vital questions you should consider asking when surveying-

1)Avoid Asking Yes/No Questions-

The yes/no question series only allows you to know what your customers do or don’t like about your foods. Better questions will allow you to know your audience better. You could ask questions like these-

  • What do you like and dislike about our restaurant’s foods?
  • What kind of dishes would you like to see on our menu?

Consider asking questions that will help your customers give authentic answers.

2)Opt For Asking Open-Ended Questions-

Open-ended questions allow the responders to make a comment about their experience. The response could be one sentence or more. But the imperative thing is that you allow your customers to express their thoughts.

You don’t need to ask a bunch of open-ended questions, a couple will suffice. If you are worried about long responses, you shouldn’t. In fact, you should be prepared to receive any response, even negative ones.

3)Ask The Most Important Questions Even If They Are Common-

You will want to keep your survey simple by asking simple questions. Also, give your customers the time to think about their responses. You shouldn’t ask multiple questions at once. Most importantly, avoid a complicated survey practice.

Try asking questions like-

  • How did you like our dishes?
  • Was the service good?
  • Did you enjoy your meal?
  • Was the music soothing?

Note-Ask one question at a time when crafting each question.

4) Avoid Asking Biased Questions-

You need to be careful when asking anything to avoid bias questions. Also, you don’t want to pressure your customers by asking questions you shouldn’t. You should make your customers’ experience as pleasant as possible.

Question Ideas To Help Craft Your Survey

  • How would you rate our restaurant?
  • What do you like about our menu?
  • How often do you visit our restaurant?
  • Did you dislike any item we serve?
  • Were the costs of our restaurant’s menu reasonable?
  • Are there any food or drinks you would like to see on our menu?
  • Were our staff friendly and helpful?
  • How do you feel about our service promptness?
  • Kindly rate the cleanliness and environment of our restaurant.
  • Would like to visit us again?

Whether you are running restaurants in Kaikoura, Wellington, or Auckland, you must do everything you can to give visitors the best possible experience. You can do that by improving food quality, serving fresh food, and much more. Anyone would visit a restaurant again only when they have a deliciously-great experience.

Every food lover would prefer visiting a top-rated restaurant. Restaurants with good reputations serve high-quality foods that are mouthwatering!