No one wants to find out that their rent is going up, but this is something that can happen, especially if you stay in the apartment for a long time. If you do hear that your rent is going up, you will have some things to think through before you make the decision. For example, you need to consider your finances and whether you will be able to afford your home once the new rent is put in place. Whether you are able to do this can depend on your personal budget and how much the rent is going to increase.


A good rule of thumb to consider when looking at these numbers is to only put 30% of your income towards rent and nothing more. If you can put less than that to the amount you pay the landlord, then you have more money for some of the other things you need to pay for and for your financial goals. You do need to look at your own budget though. You may find that even the 30% is too high if you have a lot of debts and other financial obligations.


Maybe you really like where you live and you would like to stay because it is close to everything you love and has a good school district for the kids. If the rent is still a bit too high, then you need to talk to your landlord and see whether they are willing to negotiate a bit on rent and make it more affordable. You can talk to them about either lowering the rent, moving into a newly renovated apartment in the complex, or fixing some of the other stuff around the apartment to keep you around.


Many tenants do not realize that they can negotiate the rent a bit with the landlord. Sometimes the landlord has their hands tied and they have to increase rent to keep up with the costs. But other times, they do have some freedom to lower it or give some other amenities or incentives to convince you to stick around rather than moving somewhere else.


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