Codeine is an opioid medication which is highly effective in eliminating both mild and chronic body pain. It assuages the transmission of pain signals from the nerves to the brain and enables people to get relief from severe painful sleep disturbances. If you are not finding relief from this medication and struggling with painful sleepless nights, then you can opt for Co-Codamol, a powerful mixture of Codeine with paracetamol, to sleep well.  Health care advisors have even recommended it in defeating other forms of medical conditions such as cancer pain, dry cough and severe diarrhea. If you have exhausted your dose of paracetamol and ibuprofen and are battling with chronic and severe body pain, then you can buy Codeine Phosphate to attain an uninterrupted sleep at night.

Like other medications of the opioid family, this drug should never be consumed for more than a fortnight without seeking doctor’s advice. There is a probability that the user may get habituated to it and may experience difficulty when their physician asks them to discontinue its use. Prolonged consumptionpromotes tolerance and makes the medication ineffective. Such individuals may require a higher dose of Codeine UK after some time to experience similar results. Individuals who want to stop its use should taper it dose over a period of time. Abrupt cessation may prompt withdrawal symptoms among users.

Nitrates and other pain killers may not be compatible, and hence they should never be blended with it. Mixing of caffeine, nicotine or grapefruit products may reduce its effectiveness and won’t deliver the desired results. Alcoholics and drug abusers must abstain from its use. This painkiller may not be suitable for pregnant ladies and lactating mothers. And lastly, cardiovascular patients and hypertension sufferers must get a green signal from a certified physician before its use. As compared to any OTC drug store, e-pharmacies in UK are a better option to buy Codeine online.