Permanent magnets are essential for many modern everyday appliances. You will never be close to a permanent magnet. You may have a permanent magnet right in front of you now, or, if you are reading this article on your smartphone, you may even have a permanent magnet in your hand!

There are two main different types of magnets, permanent magnets, and electromagnets. A permanent magnet is called a permanent magnet because its magnetism "always exists", it will generate its own permanent magnetic field, which is different from an electromagnet, which is made of a wire coil wound on an iron core and requires an electric current to generate it. magnetic. site.

There are several types of permanent magnets, and each type of permanent magnet is made of different materials with different characteristics. The five types of permanent magnets are AlNiCo, sa cobalt, ferrite, flexible rubber, and the strongest permanent magnet, neodymium magnet.

The working model of a permanent magnet is related to its atomic structure. All ferromagnetic materials produce naturally occurring magnetic fields, even though the magnetic fields are small, these magnetic fields are generated by electrons surrounding their nuclei.

These groups of atoms can orient themselves in the same direction, and each group of atoms is called a single magnetic domain. Like all permanent magnets, each domain has its own north and south poles. When ferromagnetic materials are not magnetized, their domains point in random directions and their magnetic fields cancel each other out.

In order to make permanent magnets, ferromagnetic materials must be heated at incredibly high temperatures and at the same time exposed to strong external magnetic fields. This causes the individual magnetic domains in the material to align with the direction of the external magnetic field until all the magnetic domains are aligned and the material reaches its magnetic saturation point. The material is then cooled to lock the aligned area in place. This arrangement of magnetic domains makes the magnet anisotropic. After removing the external magnetic field, the hard magnetic material will keep most of its domains aligned, forming a strong permanent magnet.

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