Portable crushing plant is one of many popular equipment in recent two years, which plays an important role in sand and gravel production line. The production of sand and gravel aggregate is mainly divided into mining, crushing, screening and shaping sand making. Generally, the equipment selection is carried out according to the characteristics of raw materials, system scale, site layout conditions and system process. The main equipment involved include crusher, vibrating screen and sand making machine, and the auxiliary equipment includes belt conveyor, feeder, stone powder recovery equipment, water supply equipment and dust collector.

1、 What is a Portable Crushing Plant?

Portable crushing plant is one of many popular equipment in recent two years. It is a combination of sand making machine and vehicle mounted device. It can be formed at one time without secondary crusher. It has the functions of sand making and shaping. It has fine discharge, wide application range, multi-purpose one machine, saving investment cost, and can be used for coal, glass, bluestone, river pebble and gypsum, Limestone and other medium hardness materials play an important role in construction, highway, water conservancy and hydropower.

2、 Advantages of Portable crushing plant

1. Go deep into the site to save energy.

The vehicle mounted structure of the portable crushing plant can directly go deep into the stone site for gravel operation and reduce the back and forth transportation of materials. It only needs a simple installation process, that is, production on arrival, and the production efficiency is significantly improved. In addition, the automatic hammer crusher is equipped with a generator set, which is used for both oil and electricity. It can still operate continuously in case of power failure, so as to reduce the loss of sand and gravel yard in case of power failure.

2. Professional configuration, environmental protection trustworthy.

Under the high pressure of environmental protection, the portable crushing plant is no exception. With the absorption of advanced production technology and continuous innovation, the equipment has a good effect in energy conservation and environmental protection. The noise elimination device and spraying device make the gravel site low noise and less dust pollution, which can help you pass the EIA easily.

3. The unit is integrated and convenient.

The portable crushing plant has strong completeness, low requirements for the workplace, convenient delivery and transfer. It can be led by the front of the vehicle, which is convenient, fast and easy to use.

4. Intelligent operation, saving investment cost.

Remote operation, one key start and automatic hammer crusher can be realized. The operation of the equipment can be quickly mastered in the operation room, which can not only reduce the input of manpower, but also reduce the failure rate of the equipment and save the investment cost.

Sand making machine is specialized in producing sand and stone for construction. It is widely used in sand making factories, highway construction and other industries. Tell us about the common sand making machinery and equipment in the sand and stone production line, that is, VSI series vertical shaft impact crusher. This sand making equipment is not only used for medium and hard materials, such as granite, basalt, limestone, iron ore, gold mine, bauxite, silica, but also suitable for manual sand making, stone shaping and other operations. It is an ideal tool for the sand making industry.