Before the release of FUT Versus, FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players thought they were following up on the FUT Freeze promo that debuted last year. It turns out that EA Sports offers more than just a sequel. They adjusted the promotional video and expanded the concept, and achieved positive results. The latest FUT Versus SBC gives players the opportunity to acquire a fast American winger.

EA Sports did not change the FIFA 22 Coins position, but let players choose between two types of game styles. Each player in the FUT Versus promo will get two different cards. One of the cards is called "Fire" and the other is called "Ice". Each card comes with a permanent upgrade, and players can choose the upgrade that best suits their game style.

Players must complete the three SBCs required by FUT Versus Pulisic by Friday, December 17, 2021 at 10 am / 1 pm EST / 6 pm GMT. Players should choose the version of Pulisic that matches their game style. Obviously, one of the cards will be used as a more targeted threat, while the other card will be used as an excellent player.

In this price range, players may choose between the Chelsea winger and the son of Tottenham Hotspur. If players want to Buy FIFA 22 Coins upgrade Son’s basic card, Pulisic is the right choice. If the player cannot decide between the two, we recommend that the player choose the fire Pulisic version. The combination of his 83 shots and 5 weak feet should allow players to score a lot.

If the player relies heavily on skill moves to win, then the ice version is the player's best choice. Otherwise, insist on dismissing Pulisic. In addition, players should also prepare enough FIFA 22 Coins in advance to purchase the items they want in the game, so as to help them successfully complete the challenge and get rewards. UTnice is the first choice for many players to buy FUT 22 Coins.