Beaker Bongs vs. Straight Bongs

If you’re in the market for a bong and you’re not looking for a specific shape, chances are you’ll be choosing between the two main types: beaker bongs and straight bongs. It’s pretty evident when you look at the two side-by-side that a beaker bong has a large bottom and a straight bong is vertical all the way down, but there other differences besides appearance that people take in consideration when choosing one or the other. A beaker bong isn’t necessarily better than a straight bong (or vice versa), so we’ve explored the reasons why you might want to choose one over the other.To get more news about klein recycler bong, you can visit official website.

When you first think about what makes a beaker different from a straight bong, it’s usually the size of the base. A lot of people like beaker bongs because they aren’t as easy to tip over as straight bongs. You probably know it can be an issue when you have a 24” straight bong and the slightest table nudge accidentally sends it to the ground in shatters. It’s nice to not have to worry so much about your bong getting knocked and broken when you’re just trying to chill and smoke. Apart from being less accident prone, you know when you have a larger bong you get larger hits. Large beaker bongs can be good for a bigger smoke, but you’ll also waste more weed that way. Sometimes people prefer smaller beaker bongs for this reason, especially because the bottom adds an extra chamber of smoke to the pipe so you’re not losing as much as you would with a straight pipe.

Beside size, the other elements that make up the shape of a beaker bong make a difference too. A beaker bong generally has a better filtration system than a straight bong because of its larger base. When smoke hits the water in a bong, some of it heats and turns into water vapor, which makes your hit much smoother. More bubbles = more filtration, which means you’ll probably be getting a smoother hit with a regular beaker bong than you would a regular straight bong because of a beaker’s ability to create more bubbles and hold more smoke. Another addition that helps filtration within a beaker bong is a percolator. Percolators are glass extensions that are built inside of a piece to create extra laters of filtration. There are several different types of percolators, like the inline, honeycomb, showerhead, and tree, to name a few. They all have different shapes and mechanisms, but generally exist to create more bubbles and vapor for the smoothest hits possible. It’s really up to trial and error figuring out which perc works best for you, but the rule is usually that the more percs there are involved, the better the smoke.

Despite what we’ve mentioned above, people have reasons for preferring straight bongs over beaker bongs. For one thing, straight bongs clear much faster than beaker bongs, which means the smoke is crisper and cleaner because it’s more direct. There’s less drag with straight bongs because you’re not dealing with a large bottom chamber for smoke to sit. The more premium straight bongs have bigger stands incorporated on their bases as well, so there’s more support and less chance for a tip-over. Another convenient thing about straight bongs is that they’re sometimes designed with bent tubes, so you’re able to lay back and smoke without spilling dirty bong water everywhere.

Straight bongs can include the same built-in percs that the higher quality beaker bongs do, so some people feel that the large bottom chamber of a beaker bong isn’t necessary for extra filtration as the perc accomplishes that same process in a straight bong. Straight bongs also generally take up less room than beaker bongs, and they’re easier to clean than beaker bongs, especially when internal percs are involved.

Bongs can be made from several different types of materials, but the three main ones are acrylic, ceramic and glass. When someone is deciding on whether they want a glass beaker bong or an acrylic beaker bong, they’re usually thinking about the quality of the smoke. That being said, there are different reasons for deciding on whether you’d rather have something like an acrylic straight bong vs an acrylic beaker bong.

Acrylic is usually the cheapest material, and there’s much less risk of a fall-and-break situation with acrylic than with ceramic and glass. You could pretty much chuck an acrylic pipe across the room and it would probably be fine. For that reason, someone might choose an acrylic straight bong over an acrylic beaker bong as straight bongs take up less space, are easier to clean, and there’s less chance of a plastic-y flavor with a straight bong because there’s no large bottom chamber for water to just sit and soak in the plastic. To avoid the plastic taste that can mix in with your smoke from acrylic bongs, you’ll just need to keep your pipe extra clean.