Top 10 Best Bongs For Sale In 2021

Discover the best bongs in 2021, and the brands behind them in our top 10 list. Cannabox is already known for having the best subscription box service for cannabis accessories, and have recently evolved into an online store for your 420 accessory needs. It’s our mission to help you discover reliable brands for water pipes on our website. Just like our high standards to provide the most value to our subscription box subscribers, we are doing the same with our glass bongs for sale.To get more news about big bongs for sale, you can visit official website.

When Cannabox launched in 2013, we had a simple premise. Make it easy for cannabis users to receive the coolest accessories for smoking and save money. This was made possible with our subscription service. Cannabox took off immediately, differentiating itself from other boxes by offering curated seasonal themed boxes with bongs, pipes, rolling papers, T-Shirts, snacks, and other festive, spontaneous items to help users fill out their collections or get started.

With diverse themes like video games, New York, and bees health, Cannabox is perfect for gifting and is guaranteed to have a theme that will match your aesthetic, interests, or personality. Users can log onto our website and purchase past boxes or single items à la carte.

Cannabox Opens Up An Online Smoke Shop For 420 Accessories
Cannabox has evolved beyond a weed accessory subscription box, and into an online smoke shop. In this list, we will highlight some of the best bongs in the market and some deciding factors such as price, brand, and percolator type. Enjoy access to the best bongs from the most reputable and trusted cannabis companies in the industry. As a result, we are now one of the premier online head shops, boasting a wide variety of rolling papers, accessories, glass pipes, and bongs.

Cannabox is known in particular for their immaculate bong selection, hosting everything from essential bongs to inventive novelties to appease everyone, from the casual smoker to the seasoned stoner. It’s important to learn about the available types of water filtration options for glass bongs. Percolators are a cornerstone of the bong experience. A good bong percolators allows users to inhale smooth smoke by cooling it down and filtering the smoke before inhalation. While slightly affecting the potency, users enjoy percolators for their ability to make hits smoother and more palatable, allowing people to avoid fits of coughing or a tight chest.

Many of the bongs Cannabox offers have built-in percolators, though the type can vary greatly. Here’s a quick rundown of the most common types of percolators. A diffused downstem is the most basic type of percolator. In its unmodified form is a long glass tube that connects the bowl to the water. Located at either the top or the bottom of the downstem are small slits that allow smoke to escape. This spreads out your smoke through the water, essentially creating a double water filtration system that evenly disperses the smoke and cools it down.

A showerhead percolator is a type of percolator that is shaped like a showerhead, with generally placed in the middle of the bong just above the water. The showerhead perc has a series of slits around the entire circumference, allowing for a lot of percolation. Some users claim this dilutes the THC levels more than a downstem, but people like to smoke large amounts without coughing. The best glass bongs have a great water filtration, and the shower head perc is very efficient at proving smooth smoke.

Honeycomb is a percolator designed with a multitude of tiny holes to resemble a bee’s honeycomb. Honeycomb offers a high level of percolation due to the number of small holes, allowing for further separation and dispersion of smoke. They are compact and don’t take up too much space within the bong. Some users will even put multiple layers of honeycomb into their bongs.