New World Players Are Embezzling Gold

New World, the new MMORPG from Amazon, garnered a large playerbase at launch eager to try out something new in the genre. However, many players quickly found the game less than satisfactory, leading to New World to Steam reviews that are now mixed rather than positive.To get more news about buy wow gold safe, you can visit official website.

It's not hard to see the source for these opinions, since New World undeniably has many problems. Some of these problems are definitely player created, including the early introduction of bots into the game. But many more are the results of the game itself, from poor progression to duplication glitches and, in some cases, problems baked into the game design itself.
One of those problems rooted firmly in the game's design is how money works in guilds. Essentially, players in a guild (called a Company in New World) pool their collected gold into the Company's coffers. This is how the Company builds up a base town, pays for war against other Companies, and generally makes life better for its members. However, the only players who can actually touch that gold are the Governor (leader of a Company) and their Consuls. This means they can easily walk into the Company vault, take all the money, and leave. In essence, New World players are getting robbed by their own guilds.

With the addition of server hopping, this particular problem has gotten even worse. A single player can steal an entire guild's fortune, hop to another server, and disappear forever. Many have done exactly that, or handed off the money to a new character under another Alliance. Players no longer trust Companies and this issue has become one of many sore spots that players are angry at Amazon Games Studios for not addressing. Although it is not the primary reason players are calling for New World servers to be merged, it's hard to deny that merging would make escapes at least a littel harder.

Granted, at least one player did this because of a misunderstanding and handed the gold back, but this is very much the exception rather than the norm. Others who pulled off such a heist did so because gold is very hard to come by in many New World servers. This is also what made gold duplication so tempting and such a problem, leading New World players to call for dupers to be permabanned.