A sterilizer is not something new to the world of beauty and grooming. Salons and spas even five years back too used sterilizers but with the onset of COVID, this has become a necessity.  Now salons and spas irrespective of the size of their establishment have been investing in a superior quality UV sterilizer to offer quality and hygienic services to its clients.  The market is teeming with brands but it is important to invest in high-quality ones in the likes of Marc with a great range of offering when it comes to quality Beauty Spa Equipment and accessories.

How does a smart UV Sterilizer Work?

Any UV Disinfectant Cabinet is fitted with a germicidal lamp that radiates UV rays that destroy microbes and pathogens.  The ultraviolet germicidal irradiation destroys the microbes by attacking their DNA structure thereby, preventing them from proliferating. One just has to put the scissors, combs, tweezers, and brushes inside the sterilizer and switch on. After a particular period, when the sterilization is done the machine automatically gets switched off. This is super important since in there are tools and accessories that are not meant for single use. Moreover, the sterilizers used in salons and spas have a very important safety feature. The sterilizers turn on the light when the cabinet door is closed and switches off the moment one opens the door. This is extremely important as it minimizes the scope for any exposure to harmful UV rays.

Why Parlours and Spas must invest in UV Sterilizers?

Covid-19 has completely disrupted the beauty and grooming industry enormously.  The social distancing norms and increased need for sterilization and disinfection have put great pressure on the industry. Necessity indeed is the mother of innovation and therefore, parlours and salons have figured out smarter ways of operating with great safety and caution. Apart from taking bookings on the app with smarter scheduling features, use of masks and sanitizers have been seamlessly adopted while servicing the client. Another critical operational change is the frequent disinfection of the service area and the accessories used for servicing. Additionally, almost all the parlours are investing in UV sterilizers for frequent and convenient sterilization.

Parlours that are investing in ways and mechanisms for providing services with safety are attracting a lot of traction of late and things have started looking up. So, not just from the marketing perspective, investing in a UV sterilizer is also about winning the trust of the existing customers and attracting new customers with a sense of goodwill and assurance.