Amazon shared with players the PTR patch notes of New World's December update plan, which included more than a dozen new Perks and holiday activities plans.

The developers of New World are working hard to improve the MMO. They announced that they will carry out the first server merger on December 8, and this New World Coins merger is just one of many mergers that have occurred since then. Soon after this, New World will update in December and host a special holiday event. Amazon has given up its December tentative update on the public test environment server. They shared updated patch notes and more than a dozen new Perks.

However, in the December patch, it seems that 14 new Perks will be added to the game. These Perks target several different specific areas. For example, there are several Perks that can improve collection efficiency, offensive Perks will reduce the opponent's healing effect, Perks can also increase fully charged attacks or active courage attacks, and Perks that reduce damage.

This time Amazon’s new Perks seems to be in response to very specific feedback provided by New World players. Because there are often players who feel that the speed of collecting items in New World is too slow, and they feel frustrated about it. Or it is unable to deal with the treatment in PVP, or lacks the defensive privilege of the tank. These new Perks will provide players with more optimizations for their equipment.

For the unfamiliar, privilege is the ability attached to weapons and armor. For Perks, each item can have 0 to 3 Perks, the specific quantity depends on the quality of the item. For example, there are no Perks for normal quality items, while there are 3 Epic quality items. Weapons and armor have gem slots, these gems can provide a specific Perk for the character, and provide better optimization for the equipment.

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