New World has no professions, so there are no restrictions on the weapons and equipment that players can equip, providing Aeternum adventurers with countless interesting choices. These weapons can be crafted by players, given as mission rewards, or dropped by killed enemies. Moreover, New World allows the character to carry any two weapons at once. Here are some of the best weapon combinations in the game.

The RPG New World Coins combination of musket and rapier is one of the earliest and oldest combinations discovered and developed by players in New World. These weapons have been available since the Beta version, and although some minor adjustments have been made in the recent patch, they remain basically unchanged on the talent tree. No matter what talent tree these weapons use, each character has a change in damage per second or DPS level, making it easier to try different constructions.

The combination of Warhammer, Sword And Shield gave up long-range damage capabilities, but this type of character is more about PvP and team-based content, such as expeditions and corrupt invasions, so this is a fair deal. Like many ideal combinations, these two weapons share the same main attribute scores. Warhammer is the more efficient of the two, relying on strength to score points. Sword and shield proficiency also depends on agility as a secondary attribute score.

Void Gauntlet is the only healing weapon in New World and the only beneficiary of the focus attribute score. This is why the combination with Life Staff will become one of the more difficult to determine. However, high concentration skills also mean improved mana recovery and spell casting rate, so it makes sense to equip another magic item as a secondary weapon.

Void Gauntlet is the first weapon in the New World Coins game that has both intelligence and concentration. Ice Gaunlet is also a fair choice, but the weapon is more about crowd control than DPS, and only uses intelligence as its main attribute, so the choice depends entirely on the unique construction of the character. In addition, if players are worried about the lack of New World Coins, welcome to visit NewWorldCoins to purchase.