The shaded pole motor is a simple self-starting AC single-phase induction motor. It is a small squirrel cage motor. One of the auxiliary windings is surrounded by a copper ring. The copper ring is also called a shaded pole ring or a shaded pole ring. The copper ring is used as the secondary winding of the motor. The salient feature of the shaded pole motor is that the structure is very simple, there is no centrifugal switch, the power loss of the shaded pole motor is very large, the power factor of the motor is low, and the starting torque is also very low. They are designed to maintain a small size and have a low power rating. The speed of the motor is as accurate as of the frequency of the power supply applied to the motor, and these motors are often used to drive clocks. The shaded pole motor only rotates in a specific direction, and the motor cannot rotate in the reverse direction. The loss is generated by the shaded pole coil, the motor efficiency is low, and its structure is simple. These motors are widely used in household fans and other small-capacity electrical appliances.

Shaded pole motor working principle

A shaded pole motor is an AC single-phase induction motor. The auxiliary winding is composed of a copper ring, called a shaded pole coil. The current in the coil delays the phase of the magnetic flux at the pole to provide a rotating magnetic field. The direction of rotation is from the non-shaded pole. To the shaded pole ring.

The design of the shaded pole coil (ring) makes the axis of the magnetic pole deviate from the axis of the main pole magnetic pole, and the magnetic field coil and the additional shaded pole coil generate a weak rotating magnetic field. When the stator is energized, the magnetic flux of the magnetic pole body generates a voltage in the shaded pole coil. The shaded pole coil acts as the secondary winding of the transformer. The current in the secondary winding of the transformer is not synchronized with the current in the primary winding, and the magnetic flux of the shaded pole is not synchronized with the magnetic flux of the main pole.

In a shaded pole motor, the rotor is placed in a simple c-shaped core, and half of each magnetic pole is covered by a shaded pole coil. When an alternating current passes through the power supply coil, a pulsating magnetic flux is generated. When the magnetic flux passes through the shading coil changes, voltage and current are induced in the shaded pole coil, which corresponds to the change of the magnetic flux from the power coil. Therefore, the magnetic flux under the shaded-pole coil lags behind the magnetic flux of the rest of the coil. The rotor generates a small rotation in the magnetic flux so that the rotor rotates.

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