Enough tiptoeing around it. You want this Cancer man now. If he hasn’t made a move yet, here’s how to seduce Cancer man Secrets: Make him a romantic dinner Be a good listener and care about his emotions Walk on the beach at sunset Make a move but take things one sexy step at a time You need to work your way up to getting physical with a Cancer man while he gets comfortable with you. for more info... https://theastrologyzodiacsigns.com/man/cancer If you’re not sure what the wrong moves to make with a Cancer man are and how to avoid them, you can learn in Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach’s Cancer Man Secrets. Click the link above or read on to get hot and heavy with a sweet, sexy Cancer man. Table of Contents HOW TO SEDUCE CANCER MAN These men love romance but seldom make the first move due to their shyness. Even when he’s turned on, he’s too sweet to come on to you, afraid that he will offend you with his passion. Luckily, following these tips will get this usually reserved guy coming out of his shell and displaying his full primal energy. Read next: How to Attract Cancer Men 1. Make him a candlelit dinner They say food is the way to a man’s heart and this is even more true with a Cancer man. Cancer rules the stomach. So as you can imagine, a home-cooked meal can bring on comfort, happiness—and even lusty feelings. Make something elegant and delicious and light candles so the soft lighting plays off your features. This is mood setting 101 with a Cancer and works like a charm. 2. Emphasize your femininity Though Cancer is a feminine sign, it has nothing to do with how masculine or manly a Cancer man is. In fact, Cancer men tend to take on traditional male roles and can even come off as a bit macho. The takeaway here is that Cancer men are strongly attracted to (and turned on by) the uber feminine. From what you wear to the vibes you emit, play up the femininity—however you do feminine—and watch your Cancer man turn into a puddle. 3. Go on dates near water Oceans, lakes, rivers—Cancer men feel calm and happy around water. (After all, Cancer is a water sign.) If you plan a date near the water, whether it’s dinner on a deck or a walk on the beach, he’ll feel right at home. Why is this good? Because getting him to relax and kick back is a step toward making him comfortable enough to show his passionate side. This shy crab might even go in for the first kiss! 4. Go slow at first I’ll tell you something you may not have ever known about Cancer men. They are highly sensitive to physical touch. But for this indirect sign, seduction starts slowly with the “innocent” types of touch You know, a friendly enough touch of his hand or face while you’re chatting that sends electricity down both your spines. Cancers love the slow build-up until you’re tearing each other’s clothes off. Check Cancer Man Secrets for other little-known seduction tips that tend to fly under the radar. 5. Take care of him Cancer is the sign of the Nurturer. Both men and women of this sign love to play the caretaker, but it should never be ignored that they also adore being taken care of. Maybe a little back rub to loosen up his muscles after a stressful day at work is just what he needs. It’s all about being attuned to what he needs in the moment and trying to provide it. This is super sexy to Cancer and bound to get him to want to reciprocate. 6. Be compassionate As a sensitive and gentle man, Cancer desires someone who is empathetic and caring. To make this man weak in the knees, really listen to him and respond to him with kindness. Make him feel like what he says and feels is truly important. Nurture this man’s emotions if you want him to feel a connection with you, which he absolutely needs to feel desire. 7. Show off your assets Wearing something that accentuates your body is going to catch the eye of a Cancer man. Not something super revealing—just something that hugs your curves in the right places and leaves the rest to his imagination. Don’t worry if you don’t have ample curves. Your Cancer just wants to ogle you on the sly. 8. Make a move Even if they’re burning up inside, Cancers worry that they’ll do something to spoil the moment. What if you reject them? Your Cancer man will appreciate it if you take the lead on this. You can simply tell him you want him or take his arms and wrap them around you. Whatever you’re comfortable with—it’s all he needs to get the green light to get physical with you. 9. Send him flirty texts Even if you can’t be with him physically, you can still get him hot and bothered through texts. Texts are a great way to bring out his passionate side because they give him the opportunity to say what he wants but is too shy to in person. Start by reminding him of the fun you two had the last time you were together. Tell him how much you miss him and if things get hotter, what you want to do when you see him next. Just be sure to keep it classy. Cancer men don’t care for raunchiness. 10. Be romantic Cancers are naturally romantic people and want the moment to be just right to get intimate. You can help by turning up the romance yourself. Use mood music, write him a playful note, dance to a song on the radio. Do it with a twinkle in your eyes and he’ll be right in that zone with you. Once you’ve successfully seduced your Cancer man, if you play your cards right, you’ll have all the romance, lust and steamy passion you can handle from a man who absolutely worships the ground you walk on. If you want to make sure the relationship keeps sizzling (or how to get him to put a ring on it), Anna Kovach covers what you need to do in Cancer Man Secrets. Cancer men are confusing. There we said it because it is true. You never get to understand what they want in the first place. Their mood swings, decisions, line of thinking and possibly everything has no definite pattern for the mundane women dating them. However, what if we told you that those definite patterns do exist? That there are secrets to the heart of a cancer man, which can help you make him beg for your companionship? After laying your hands on those secrets, you won’t only start a fruitful relationship with him, but you’ll also pave a way for that relationship to last a lifetime. Anna Kovach Brings You Cancer “Man Secrets” An established psychologist and astrologist, Anna Kovach, brings you one of her phenomenal works till date called Cancer Man Secrets. This book is a collection of a unique set of secrets necessary for any woman dying to get her cancer man back. All of the secrets are based on the magic that is found in astrology and the zodiac signs, which will help you Bring cancer man to bed, Know about the signs that will make him fall for you, Bring about the magic that will help you create compatibility with him, Know everything about his negative and positive aspects, Get his attention by any means (including texting), Keep him in the relationship for longer than you could imagine, and Know his personality type. This is not it, however. Cancer Man Secrets have literally everything you need to know about your man. We understand that you can be doubtful after reading this. That’s why here’s why you should trust this information. Anna’s Research The credibility of the research conducted by Anna comes from the fact that she herself has tried it and has reaped its fruits. The doors of wisdom opened to her when she was dumped by her man, Frank. He was a Taurus and his relationship with her was going well until suddenly he started to respond late to Anna and tried to get rid of her. There came a day when he finally dumped her and left her to think for the times to come about what went wrong exactly. Things got more intense when Anna saw him hanging out with a hot woman. She knew instantly that she was out of the game. This gave her a chance to visit Romania and accidentally seek spiritual guidance from her aunt who is a well-known astrologist in the country. Numerous artists and dignitaries from around the world visit her to get some insights into the betterment of their lives. Long story short, it was her aunt who gave her the roadmap to travel to the heart of Frank and make him beg her to come. When she applied the tactics, Anna herself could not believe how everything started to change all of a sudden. Frank started to return just after a call and in no time he was head over heels for her again, begging her to come back and spewing apologies like never. Now, she’s happily living with him and is married, thanks to everything she learned about Frank and Taurus men. Why Did She Think About Helping Women Seeking Cancer Men? The answer to this question lies in her fans asking for her help. She has supporters, clients, and fans spanning the globe. Most of their queries were about Cancer men. In order to help them, she followed the same roadmap to know the secrets of such men. She was successful only after reading dozens of books, her clients’ history, and what her aunt told her. In all of these, she found a definite pattern that women seem to neglect or not know. And this is how she brought about Cancer Men Secrets. Without making any efforts, you’ll learn about the following after reading this book. The techniques to attract him like a magnet. A complete breakdown of what he wants. Your chances of increasing compatibility with him. Everything about his dark side and how to use that to your advantage. How to make him your loyal partner? Avoiding common mistakes most women make. A simple sentence that you can use to seduce him over the phone or in person. Ways to make him project his emotions. Ways to destroy his commitment phobia. Ways to find his sensual spots and deep dark fantasies. Techniques to make him feel protective of you. And much more. If you think this is enough, then think again because with this package you get the following bonuses. Bonuses Bonus 1: Cancer Man Sexology If you can satisfy him sexually, you can make him your toy. Learn all the basics and advanced strategies in this bonus. Bonus 2: 25 Ways To Delight Your Cancer Man Pleasing him has been a tough job always, right? Not anymore. Learn about 25 surefire ways to delight him. Bonus 3: How to Get Your Cancer Man Back? A step-by-step guide to getting him back like a pro. Bonus 4: Texting Cancer Man Texting is the new way medium of talking. So, why not master it? Bonus 5: Free Platinum Bonus, Anna’s VIP Consulting Just as the name says, you get to talk to Anna in person.