Learning more about author marketing is essential if you're the author of a recently published book about a business or professional topic. You may have already come across the concept while researching how to market a business book. It's one of the primary components of book promotion, along with media outreach (publicity) and special events. Some but not all of author marketing today can take place on social media, but it needs to be more multi-faceted to be successful. Authors who are visible and get themselves in front of audiences have natural opportunities to market their books more effectively.

The exponential growth of self-publishing today means more authors than ever are responsible for all facets of their books, including publicity. Very few successful authors can write a book and stay in the background. Many readers become interested in books and, more importantly, decide to purchase copies after they hear something about the author. Similar to other businesses, authors become brands that people associate with their books. The concept of branding in marketing encompasses the ideas, images, feelings, and messages that connect with consumers. It works similarly in book marketing.

Therefore, to become a more successful author, you need to communicate with readers and give them an idea about what you're about and how it influences the books you write. Media appearances like interviews and mentions in articles can open the door to new readers. Then a well-developed website with information about you and your books comes next. You can connect it to social media profiles and make guest blog posts to enhance your online visibility. Post routinely but not too often on social media channels for the best results. Also, book PR pros advise authors to avoid dormant social media accounts.

Building strong and productive relationships with the media is a vital part of author branding. Coverage from respected media helps establish you as a leader in your field (for nonfiction authors) or a credible literary voice. Prospective book buyers may need to hear about you more than once to become interested in your book. The more visible you are, the more chance you have to spark their interest. When you start out, don't resist smaller media. More prominent media often pick up their interviews and stories, and you'll build momentum over time. Publicity is incremental for most books.