In the lively world of J-Pop, where talent meets charm, a new sensation has arrived – ME:I. This group of 11 girls is from Japan, and they've become hugely popular since they started in December 2023.

ME:I was formed through a tough audition show called PRODUCE 101 JAPAN THE GIRLS.



Their name means they want to be idols loved by everyone, guiding people towards the future.
 They're more than just a group; they represent togetherness, hope, and talent.

Their first song, "MIRAI," came out on April 17, 2024, and it made them famous, winning over fans with their lively energy and great singing.


The song not only shows how good they are at music but also hints at their bright future.

Leading ME:I is Momona, who's the leader, main singer, and center of the group. She's got a natural charm and strong voice that make her a favorite among fans.

One standout member is Cocoro, who fans love for her beautiful voice and captivating stage presence. Her deep emotions add something special to the group's performances.

But ME:I isn't just about individual talents; it's about working together. Each member brings something different.

like Miu's soulful singing and Keiko's rapping skills, making a great mix of sounds and personalities that fans love.

They've faced challenges, but with hard work, ME:I keeps getting more popular, winning fans over with each new song and performance.

With their loyal fans, YOU:ME, by their side, the future looks bright for this amazing girl group.

As they keep making great music and winning hearts, one thing's clear – ME:I is here to stay, making a big impact on J-Pop and beyond.

So, watch out for these rising stars as they lead the way into a new era of music. ME:I isn't just a girl group; they're a big deal in the making.