When you think of Gemini, you think of curiosity, chatter, and playfulness. The Gemini is definitely known to be quite childlike and all over the place. However, they can be incredibly moody as well but every sign has its vice. If the guy you like is a Gemini, and you are wondering if he likes you back, then you will need to read about the signs to look for. You will also know if he likes you to the point of wanting to form a relationship with you, or just likes you as a friend.

However, before we get to that, let’s go over what Gemini is really about. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and it is an air sign. The traits of the sign were already mentioned, and communication is what the sign represents as the planet Mercury rules this sign. That is the planet that rules communication, and there is a youth-like quality associated with Gemini as well. Now, if you want to know if the Gemini guy that you have your eyes on likes you, let’s take a look at the signs of whether he wants to be with you or just keep you as a friend.

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1. He will be super sweet and romantic
The Gemini guy who really has really fallen for you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you will be incredibly sweet and affectionate.
He will wine and dine you, and he will be the type to always pull out a chair for you to sit when you are dining out with him. He will be the one to also take care of the check as well when you are going out and he will shower you with flowers and chocolate. Every day will be Valentine’s Day with the Gemini man. If he only likes you as a friend, then he will not do any of this but will enjoy hanging out with you for a good laugh or two.

2. He will surprise you with gifts
If you were not expecting that ring or even bouquet of flowers, then that is something you need to know about the Gemini guy.
He will keep surprising you with gifts that you will absolutely love and you certainly would not be expecting those gifts either. He may even make those gifts because the Gemini is extremely creative so you never know what you will get but it is guaranteed to be pleasant. If he likes you as a friend, he will only give you these kinds of gifts for Christmas, your birthday, or any other holiday you celebrate. But not daily. But if he is giving you gifts all the time, then he wants to have something more than friendship with you.

3. He will always communicate with you
You never have to worry about the Gemini guy holding back on any secrets because he will let it out, and will text it to you
… email it to you, and communicate it with you in any possible way he can. You never have to pull teeth with him but he may also text you about being upset with you instead of picking up the phone to call you about it which is more appropriate. But the Gemini guy will communicate anything in any way. If he only likes you as a friend, he will still text you often but not in the same manner. He won’t be so personal.

4. He will want to tag along wherever you go, especially if it is a party
If the Gemini guy likes you, he will want to go everywhere where you go, especially when it comes to parties.
He will even want to tag along to go grocery shopping or running other errands. He will even want to go to the doctor with you because he is on the go all the time and wants to have you along with him. If he only likes you as a friend, then he won’t have the desire to go to every place that you do but he will certainly be interested in hanging out with you if you are going to a party. Especially if he has nothing else to do at that time!

5. He will want to have all types of new experiences with you
The Gemini is extremely curious and he will want to be curious along with you if he wants to be with you.
He’ll also suggest new things to do with you such as rock climbing, or surfing, or anything that you have not done with him before. In fact, he will love it more if you agree to do something that neither of you has experienced at all. If he only likes you as a friend, he will suggest this once in a while but not all the time like he would if he liked you more than that!

6. He will have long and meaningful conversations with you
He’s a Gemini and the sign is all about communication
… so you will have to expect to have deep and meaningful conversations with him because that is very important for him to do – and you are just as important to him. If he likes you as a friend, then he will do the same but not at the same intensity as he would if he has feelings for you. Gemini's love to talk!

7. He will want to spend all of his time with you
Whether you are on the go or not, it won’t matter because the Gemini man that likes you will want to literally spend all of his time with you! If he didn’t like you that way and only liked you as a friend, then this would not be applicable!

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