Whoever looks at a fat baby finds them cute and healthy. However, this is, in fact, considered unhealthy, and parents should give some extra time to maintain their baby’s weight. During pregnancy, the growth of the baby is taken into consideration. The doctor also keeps a note of the baby’s growth during pregnancy, and they also keep track of the baby’s development. However, if you find any changes in the baby’s growth, development or weight, you can seek the help of a general pediatrician in South Delhi. Let us take a closer look at some effective tips that can help manage a baby's weight

Here are Some Tips to Handle a Baby’s Weight 

Overweight babies have a high risk of health problems in childhood, which also continue in later years. These include high blood pressure, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Following are some tips recommended by a pediatrician to handle a baby’s weight

  1. Avoid Overfeeding the Baby

Overfeeding the baby can cause discomfort as they are too small to digest the breast milk or formula properly. An overfed baby can swallow air, which can cause discomfort and gas and can make them cry. 

  1. Feed Healthy Solids

Make sure the child eats healthy meals, snacks or drinks. Give your child protein-rich and nutritious food with low sugar intake. 

  1. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding the baby is beneficial for both the mother and the baby. Mothers get rid of their pregnancy weight more quickly if they breastfeed, whereas the baby gets healthy food that is digestible and healthy for the baby. Parents should also avoid feeding their babies solid food until they turn six months old. Introducing solids to the baby too early can make them put on weight. Research indicated that breastfeeding tends to reduce the risk of childhood obesity.

Therefore, by following these tips, you can help your baby achieve a healthy weight. However, if you have questions about your baby’s weight and nutrition, you can seek help from a leading pediatrician. You can make an appointment with Dr. Promilla Butani, a renowned pediatrician in Delhi, at Dr. Promilla Butani's Pediatrics Practice

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