China Home Elevator Factory introduces that there are two main types of elevator failure: one is that the elevator suddenly stops running; the other is that the elevator loses control and falls rapidly.

1. How to call for help if the elevator door fails? If the elevator stops suddenly, don't panic at first, try to keep pressing the door open button, and call the service call of the elevator maintenance unit through the intercom or mobile phone in the elevator for help. You can also send trapped messages to the outside world by calling for help, etc., do not forcefully pull the door or try to climb out of the car ceiling.

2. How to protect yourself when the car crashes. If the elevator suddenly falls, you can quickly press the buttons on each floor, choose a corner that does not lean on the door, bend your knees, and squat your body in a semi-squat position. Try to maintain balance and have children Always hold the child in his arms.

3. Please take the elevator safely and safely while riding the elevator, do not force the door to open and close with your hands or body. Do not jump in the elevator, and do not use rough behaviors on the elevator, such as kicking the car with four feet or hitting with tools. Smoking is not allowed in the elevator. The elevator has a certain recognition function for smoke. Smoking in the elevator may make the elevator mistakenly think that it will automatically lock and catch people.

Through the above introduction, Bed Elevator Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.