Best Interactive Electronic Dog Toys

Take a look at some of the top electronic dog toys that we've discovered below! We've included toys with electronic components of various price points that range from incredibly inexpensive to fairly expensive.

  1. CleverPet

The story: ClevrPet is an electronic dog toy very similar to the Simon Says game console that you could remember playing on as a kid.

It is designed for keeping your pet's mind engaged while you're away CleverPet demands that your dog hit the illuminated buttons in order to win a reward.

Specifications: CleverPet is an 11-pound, plastic-shielded pet console that can be placed where your pet is able to access it easily. You'll need to fill it up with 2.5 cups of kibble that is smaller or dime-sized and plug it in and then let the fun begin!

The software that comes preloaded is intended to begin with basic programs that will assist your dog to understand how the system functions. With time the games start to change and become more difficult.

  • You can regulate CleverPet and track your pet's progress through an app for phones You can also restrict your pet's access to gain access to food should it need to be.

The games and programs were developed by CleverPet says, "dog-loving neuroscientists," and designed to stimulate your dog's brain and keep him occupied.

Games are added on regular on a regular basis to assist to avoid boredom and keep your pet.


CleverPet definitely seems to entice the attention of many dogs. Several owners have reported that their dog continued to play with the unit for months or even weeks after purchasing it for the first time. The device appears to be well-constructed and easy for dogs to understand and use. A lot of owners were delighted to watch their dog improve and advance to more challenging games.


The main drawback to CleverPet is the price it isn't an inexpensive toy. Owners who aren't tech-savvy may be unable to set it up, however the CleverPet customer service team is responsive and willing to help users navigate the process of setting up.

  1. Ricochet Dog Toy

Information: The Ricochet Dog Toy is an electronic dog toy that is interactive and from PetSafe created to keep your dog moving and having fun without instructions from you!.


PetSafe Ricochet - Electronic Dog Toy



1,252 Reviews


  • Award-Winning Innovator The winner of the award for Award-Winning Innovation for 2019 Pet Business Industry Recognition Award (IRA) for...
  • HIDE AND SQUEAK NOISE SQUEAK NOISE - PetSafe Ricochet Electronic Dog Toy has two toys in a pair which let...
  • INDEPENDENT BUSY PLAY - Great for families. If your dog has fun in one toy, then the others...
  • LONG TIME PLAY: The toys will automatically shut off after 60 minutes of inactivity (to help save batterdog toy)


The set is comprised of two hard plastic balls The balls are charged before being connected through Bluetooth.

If your dog starts to play and play with in one ball, then the second ball begins to sound squeaky to draw attention of your dog! As your dog concentrates on the squeaking toys, and then begins to play with it the ball in front of him will also disappear.

Both balls cooperate to pull your pet back and forth them and keep your dog's attention and invigorating motion!

Two balls are able to be set up to 30 feet apart, while remaining in sync. Despite using AAA batteries, the Ricochet automated dog toy is able to last at least a month of regular use without replacing batteries, as the toy will automatically shut off when it has been idle for 60 minutes without activities.


The dual-ball design helps your dog to exercise as well as remain mentally engaged. Since Ricochet electronic balls are made of Ricochet electronic balls consist from hard robust plastic that is durable and has none of the stuffing or fabrics it is an ideal toy for chewers who usually destroy other toys.


Many pet owners report that their dogs aren't attracted to the toy. Certain dogs aren't interested, while some dogs that are more timid fear the noises. It's also expensive, so it could be difficult to purchase the Ricochet and then have your dog disinterested with the toy. Some dog owners find the sound to be annoying.

  1. Petcube Bites 2

Description: The Petcube Bites 2 is an interactive camera for dogs that lets you communicate with and distribute treats to your dog while you monitor them via the Petcube mobile app that is the companion.

You can install your Petcube camera for sharing your dog's feed with your family and friends as well!


[New 2020Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Animal Camera that comes with Treat Dispenser and Alexa...



915 Reviews


  • Ultimate pet monitoring - Petcube Bites, a Wi-Fi pet camera, monitor your pet's behavior with full 1080p resolution...
  • A quick and easy setup time of just 2 minutes. Petcube Bites 2 is the only pet camera that supports 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz wireless...
  • Pets can be treated remotely Give treats to your pet medium, short or long distances, or set up an automatic...
  • Motion alerts and smart sound Real-time notifications inform you that your pet is in motion as well as...



HD video. 1080p HD video night vision as well as 4x digital zoom as well as a 160-degree wide-angle lens that allows you to view the entire room.

Treat-dispensing in different quantities and distances. With Angry-Birds-esque swiping you can shoot treats for your dog out at various distances. Additionally you can program the Petcube to give treats out at specific times during each day, to help keep the pet entertained.

Clear and high-quality audio. Full duplex sound 4 microphones, a speaker bar, and the speaker bar provide crisp and clear sound that's phone-call sound quality for you as well as your dog.

Alexa's included. Its built-in Alexa assistant will perform music with your dog directly from the camera.

Ability to provide intelligent alerts and bark alerts and capturing moments. With a Petcube Care subscription it will alert you that your dog is barking or yelling at the presence of intruders (it is able to distinguish between pets and human beings) It can also be programmed to automatically capture your dog's most adorable moments.

Need more information on PetCube? Read our complete PetCube reviews here!


It's the Petcube Bites 2 is a amazing pet camera. It's easy to set-up and works with 5GHz and 2.4GHz WIFI networks and the capability to scatter treats over varying distances is a lot of fun.


It's a pity that certain of the most beneficial features - like the bark alert or human intruder alerts - require a Petcube Care monthly subscription. This is the case of other cameras for pets (like furbo). Furbo) too.

  1. Babble Ball

About Apart from sticks that are found on the ground, ball toys are the most ancient dog toys currently in existence. However, they are not the only ones. The Babble Ball is bringing this classic toy forward into 21st-century technology by including flashing lights and sound to make it more excitement!

It is simple to use, and engaging for dogs The Babble Ball is a great device to provide your pet with an additional source of stimulation.



Pet Qwerks Blinky Babble Interactive Chew Toy for Large Dogs

-$1.32 $11.67


4,894 Reviews


  • Interactive Dog Toy: The Blinky Babble Ball, which is motion-activated it flashes, and also makes sounds. It's a great...
  • Keep Them Busy: Every time your pet's breath is absorbed by it or walks along it the bright light begins blinking, then...
  • Healthy Chew Outlet Healthy Chew Outlet Babble Ball helps dogs satisfy their natural desire to chew. It can also help...
  • Durable and Strong: Built with high-impact ABS construction This Babble Ball can stand up to...


Features Babble Ball Babble Ball is a fairly common ball with an internal electronic parts that generate the sounds and lights associated in the plaything.

There's no need to teach your dog to play with it either. just turn it on and let your pet play! The toy creates 18 distinct sounds, so it will keep dogs engaged for a long period of time.

This toy will require 3 1.5 Volt (AG13/LR44) buttons, however, they're provided with the purchase. The manufacturer claims that these batteries are expected to last between 12,000 and 15,000 sounds or phrases and replacing them is relatively simple.

The company claims it's Babble Ball was made to last however, it's not designed to be used outside (you could smash it by throwing it in the backyard) and you wouldn't like to play canine catch with it.

It's also not made for chew toys It's likely that you'll need to remove it from your pet when it starts to chew on it.


One of the most appealing aspects that is great about Babble Ball is its price. Contrary to many other interactive toys available on the market, that cost an arm and a leg, it won't even cost you 10 dollars to test this Babble Ball! The majority of dogs were intrigued by the ball, and some owners claimed that it held up to their chewing pooch for long.


Some owners have expressed concerns about durability However, the most common complaints were from dogs who were terrified of the sound. It's important to note that you cannot turn the ball off. It turns "active" and starts emitting sounds when it detects the vibration.

  1. VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

About If you're looking for a dog toy that is space-age You must definitely look into VARRAM's Pet Fitness Robot. VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

This moving, treat-slinging, polycarbonate-encased device is designed to interact with your pooch and stimulate his mind when you don't have time to play.


VARRAM pet Fitness Robot with Interactive Treat Dispenser



632 Reviews


  • Stay in touch with your pet's behavior by rewarding them and FUN ACTIVITIES: Take good care of your pet as a professional regardless of...
  • Enhance your pet's physical and mental health Exercise for your pet are essential for their mental wellbeing...
  • A Durable and Durable Style: The beloved fitness robot is sturdy and designed to last. It is made from poly-carbonate...
  • AFFORDABLE AUTO SCHEDULING AND Easy to manage app: It is easy to access our app to plan your schedule your schedule...


Features measuring approximately 6.5 inches in width and 4 inches tall The VARRAM Fitness Robot features two large wheels, a charming set of eyes that look like robots and a treat-ejection port.

You can choose to use any treat that fit into the port. Additionally, the treat container is simple to clean and load.

Its VARRAM Fitness Robot comes with several pre-loaded movements and programs as well as the ability to develop your own (and manage the device in various other ways) through the smartphone application.

A feathered lure is included However, this is more likely to be enjoyable for dogs than cats.

This VARRAM Fitness Robot enjoys an IPX4 water resistance rating, which implies that your dog's slobber isn't going to hurt it.

The tires are able of taking on carpet, hardwood or tile floors and comes with obstacle-avoidance technology to stop it from running into objects or getting stuck.


In general, the VARRAM Robot enjoyed good user reviews, and appeared to be a hit with the majority of dogs. Commentaries such as "What I've been looking for FOREVER," and "The first legitimately good autonomous dog toy" are all over the reviews section. A few owners have also appreciated the app and its possibility of scheduling playtimes for their pet.


Some owners complain that the toy is difficult to upgrade. However, the majority of negative reviews focused on the durability of the product and does not appear to be sturdy enough to handle aggressive dogs. Some owners complain that the motion was uninteresting and slow for their pet.

  1. Hyper Pet Doggie Tail

About The Hyper Pet Doggie Tail is an interactive dog toy that vibrates, wiggles and even barks(!) to attract your dog's attention.

If you're ready to play, turn on the ball, and then throw it over your pet -- and the toy will do all the rest!



Hyper Pet Doggie Tail Interactive Plush Dog Toys (Wiggles, Vibrates, and Barks...

-$10.68 $16.94


20,295 Reviews


  • Plush Squeaky Dog Toy that plays with, rattles, and BARKS - Get your pet to run, chase or play...
  • RELIEF FROM ANXIETY and BOREDOM With fun sounds and unpredictable motions, these hilarious pet toys and fluffy...
  • Tips to activate the The On/Off button of this plush dog toy is at the upper part of the ball made of plastic. ....
  • BATTERIES OPERATED PROLONGED PLAY change the batteries take the ball out of plastic from the plush toy...


Features Hyper Pet Doggie Tail Hyper Pet Doggie Tail is basically a plastic motorized ball, with a faux fur cover that gives the ball the appearance like a adorable critter.

If you turn on the toy it will begin to wiggle and move about 10 seconds before it will stop. When you shake it with your dog it once more, it will return to life and move about for even more excitement.

The toy will require 3 AAA battery (not supplied). However, since the toy shuts down automatically after your dog stops playing with that toy, it's batteries will last for quite a long time.

It is available in one size. Hyper Pet Doggie Tail is only available in one size, however, it is expected to work for medium and large-sized dogs. Covers are available for replacement in the event that your dog damages the cover.


Overall, this is an excellent toy to play with for dogs. The majority of dogs seemed to enjoy how the Hyper Pet Doggie Tail moves and also found the look of a prey attractive. Additionally, the automatic off-off features help prolong the life of batteries, which is beneficial.


The main drawback to this toy appears to be its longevity -- some dogs destroyed the toys within a matter of minutes, making it ideal for dogs that chew power. A few owners also experienced difficulty opening the ball to insert the batteries. It seems that you'll need an extremely small screwdriver in the style of a jewelry screwdriver to get the compartment open.