Dribbling has always been 2k22 mt the essence of every game in the 2K basketball series. For "NBA 2K22""basic fancy" dribble, "basic fancy dribble" and"signature fancy "dribbles "signature fancy dribble" are directly merged into one. Its purpose is to make fun movements and to capture the dynamic effects of luck.

Its combination with ball movement allows each player to have an individual feel and rhythm when dribbling the ball allowing players to fully grasp the combined movements and movements, including the signature moves of a lot of famous players, such as James Harden's constant Crossover Steph Curry's machine guns players are able directly control the dribble, KD's Hesitation delay step and Luka's back and back dribble!

In addition the speed rocker that was featured for the new generation console as seen in the earlier episode has been preserved when it is moved swiftly so that a faster dribbling move can be achieved. There are over 50 fancy dribble combinations to choose within the game.

The players can trigger these speedy dribble combinations through pressing and acceleration while raising the right stick and allowing the player quickly eliminate the opponent. make dribbles with fancy designs that are pleasing to the eye!

For the Gameplay Screen, it are able to clearly see the 2K22 version on the lighting effects in the stadium, floor lighting effects as well as the movement of players and fans, and the fineness of the players' faces, scars, tattoos and beards will lead to amazing breakthroughs.

Furthermore, numerous new features are added to the warm-up phase and introduction of players prior to the start of the wave such as the animations of approach as well as player interaction. Highlight clips, the national song and more. This is more clearly displayed.

It is also easier to buy Nba 2k22 Mt notice during the game. The fans or photographers in the row in front who smashed into the ground because of the fact that they fade away and fly away to stop the wave. The communication between the two sides in the arena has been further improved.