Basically custom bobbleheads are those bobbleheads that you can order and these custom bobbleheads will be designed per your specifications from head to toe. A normal bobblehead is about seven inches in height but you can choose your own height up to a point when you order custom bobbleheads.

If you are unsure what bobbleheads are remember those big plastic spotted dogs with heads and most likely tails that bobbled as the car was being driven over bumps or whatever that that people used to put on their back seat window ledge in their cars? Well, today most cars don't have back seat window ledges anymore but those bobbleheads are now a popular item that people can purchase on online websites.

Some of these online websites sell custom bobbleheads that you can actually design yourself. For example you have a teenaged son who is into basketball well you can upload a picture of your son in his basketball apparel and the online website who specializes in make these in custom designs will recreate your son with a bobblehead head and his clothing will be that in your picture. Of course these are not the cheapest bobbleheads you can purchase but they will be one of a kind and may cost you approximately $200.00 or more. Depending on how elaborate or simple you want them they may cost less too. Standard ones will cost from tenor twenty dollars and up. The custom ones make excellent keep sakes for a special occasion like a birthday or perhaps winning a state basketball tournament.