A credit card is a payment instrument that allows you to use the bank's money on certain conditions. The holder must make the minimum payment on time or completely repay the debt of the grace period, if any, remember the conditions for transferring to the cards of individuals and withdrawing cash. But at the same time, he receives a number of advantages that neither a debit card nor a credit can give.

Unlike a loan, the card is renewable and when you close the debt of the grace period, you can use the available limit again. You do not need to submit new applications for this. After the expiration of the validity period of the plastic carrier, the card is automatically reissued.

The credit card acts as a "backup wallet" by providing additional funds. When booking hotels, renting a car and in other cases when it is necessary to temporarily freeze funds on the card, it is convenient to provide a credit card, without depriving yourself of the opportunity to manage your own money on a debit card and without giving cash.

Unlike a consumer loan or debit card with an authorized overdraft, a credit card has a grace period for the use of borrowed funds. During this period, you use the bank's money without accruing interest. The grace period is determined by the issuing bank, it can be 50–100 or more days.

You can use the borrowed funds of the account for free and return the funds spent without paying interest until the end of the grace period. If during this period the loan is not repaid, the bank will automatically start accruing interest on the amount of your loan.

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