You're probably more familiar with countersunk magnets than you believe. These ring-shaped magnets look like washers with a raised surface and a hole in the center. The wedge and the hole exist so the countersunk magnet (also known as the countersink magnet) can be anchored in place with a single screw. We sell a variety of countersunk blocks with holes that allow you to use screws, nails, or bolts to attach the magnet to a different surface.

We’re giving you a few ways to use countersunk magnets to make things easier around the house.

Magnetic Latches

If you have a door that just won't stay open, countersunk magnets can be a quick fix. Just screw a countersunk magnet into the floor at the edge of a door and another onto the door (if it isn't magnetic already). When the door is open, it will latch onto the floor's magnet and stay put. You can also use magnetic latches for keeping kitchen cabinets or drawers closed, as well as with filing cabinets or lockers. Really, anything can be held open or closed with strong neodymium countersunk magnets!

Hidden Magnetic Holder

Need a place to hide your family's secret jewels? With a picture frame and some countersunk magnets, you can create a hidden compartment for extra storage. First, cut out or find a wooden frame that can fit inside the picture frame. Add a magnetic board behind the frame and install a magnetic latch between the wooden frame and the picture frame. By adding a painting or picture to the frame, anything added will remain hidden. You can hang your items using pin magnets. You can find a more detailed tutorial here on a previous blog post.

Science Experiment

Need an easy experiment to keep the kiddos busy? By using some bar magnets, you can create a hollow pyramid. When you add a countersunk magnet to the pyramid, you can watch it spin around without touching it. The kids will think it's magic, but you can explain to them the magic of magnetism!

Word of caution: Countersunk magnets are brittle – too many turns of a screw can cause the neodymium to crack. Always use magnets for their intended use.

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