Since typical cleaning methods cannot kill germs and bacteria, it is important to use a disinfection process. Investing in an electrostatic sprayer may be a larger investment at first, but in the long run, this is a better approach.
Learn how electrostatic sprayers can save you time and money.

The electrostatic sprayer is efficient and effective. They bring disinfectant solution particles to adsorb on the entire surface, leaving a thin and uniform layer of disinfectant solution. This is a quick and easy process that can reduce
the use time of hand-held spray bottles. The electrostatic sprayer can spray continuously for up to four hours on a tank of liquid and a charged battery.

Electrostatic sprayers are ideal for disinfecting surfaces. The advanced technology in the sprayer places a thin and uniform layer on all sides of the conductive surface. This is a great investment and will give you peace of mind because
the bacteria on your surface have been properly killed. Every drop of disinfectant is charged, so it wraps on a conductive surface to provide you with 360-degree coverage.