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Concept for Divorce Certificate:

Though not identical, which conveys the same concept, is the definition of torture included in the United Nations General Assembly's, which provides that an act would amount to torture if its object is to inflict severe pain or cause physical or mental suffering intentionally on any person, at the instigation of a public official, to obtain from him or a third person any information or confession. Such an act is declared an offense to human dignity and a violation of the United Nations Charter. Through those in authority, states must not indulge in such acts.

Exceptional Circumstances:

 They may not justify the same even in exceptional circumstances such as the state of war, threat of war, internal political instability, or public emergency. They must, in fact, make torture an office under their criminal law. Complaints must be investigated and criminal proceedings instituted against the alleged offenders under the rules. The motive is irrelevant as long as the elements constituting torture are present.

Fundamental Law:

Fundamental laws of most civilized countries, including the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistani, prohibit torture in any form whatsoever irrespective of divorce certificate Nadra through divorce lawyer in Lahore. Torture is not permitted in Islam as well. In addition to the constitutional provision, Islamic laws, as applied in Pakistan, also prohibit torture under the commonly known Qi$ä$ and Diyat Ordinance. Islamic legal principles on causing bodily harm to any person (sufferer) to extort have been defined as a distinct crime. 

Divorce Lawyer in Lahore:

Regarding divorce certificate Nadra through divorce lawyer in Lahore the perpetrators, irrespective of whether they are governmental functionaries or ordinary citizens, are subject to the kind of punishment provided for such an offense, together with imprisonment. Regarding torture for personal gain (to extract monetary advantages) amounts to daylight robbery for which severe penalty is prescribed under the Hadüd Ordinance. On the other hand, international legal instruments prohibiting torture include the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Identical language has been used in article 5 of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1966.


Instruments Emphasizes:

The use of the same language in both the above-mentioned instruments emphasizes the importance of this concept. Prohibition of torture is considered so fundamental that it has been made non-derogable in the countries' basic laws, i.e., the provisions prohibiting torture in various constitutions cannot be suspended even during emergencies. In most cases, torture is resorted to by the law enforcement agencies of the state to obtain confessions and ensure convictions irrespective of divorce certificate Nadra through divorce lawyer in Lahore This reprehensible practice is rampant in most third-world countries, including the majority of the Islamic States, even though their laws and religion expressly prohibit it. Freedom of speech in secular law is of Anglo-Saxon origin and can be traced back to the seventeenth century of the Christian era. The Divorce Certificate Nadra is Issue after Khula & Divorce in Pakistan.