You can play and enjoy movies like "stealing love", no matter how many times you watch them. It is also one of Bill Murray's best comedy comedy movies. The story is simple. Bill Murray plays a weatherman named Phil. Phil is very self-centered. One day, he went out to report the story of Groundhog.

The groundhog is coming out of the hole. Phil wants to report the story. Unfortunately, his day didn't go as planned because a snowstorm was brewing and he was trapped. Shortly after the incident, he realized that he was trapped during the day. He will have to live the same life again and again.

The film is very interesting and the comedy is also very interesting. Because the premise of this film is not new, and many films are made based on this premise, we decided to list a similar list of comedy movies, or based on a similar time cycle premise. We hope you like this list and find a decent movie to watch.

Here are three of the best comedy movies like "stealing love".


"Introduction" is such a movie. At first you thought you would have a good time, but at last you feel confused and strange. Ask yourself - what did you just see? I mean, of course, positive. For people who like science fiction movies, primer is definitely worth seeing.

It's not the best science fiction film you've ever seen, but it's a film you'll remember when someone asks you for advice. The premise of the film is that two guys Aaron and Abel invented something in their garage. They are not quite sure what the device is, but they believe it is very important.

As an audience, it is often difficult to understand what the device is, or what the two characters are even talking about. But it's designed. The confusion it caused attracted us to the film.

Without revealing too much plot, the machine created by the duo is a time machine. The film tells their experiments on the device and their strange experiences. Shane Carruth plays Aaron and David Sullivan plays Abe.

Sean actually created the film. He directed, performed and edited the film with a budget of only $7000. He also wrote background music. This shows that you may not always need millions of dollars to make a good film. The primer looks crisp, and the low budget does not affect the quality of the film.

Noon (1993)

The next movie based on the time cycle is 12:01. The film was released in 1993 and adapted from Richard Allen Rupert's short story of the same name, which is famous for science fiction suspense. Barry Thomas is the protagonist of the film. He works in human resources with his friend Howard Richter in a company.

Lisa Fredericks is a scientist working in the company, and Barry Thomas likes her very much. But he didn't know that his life was about to change dramatically, and he would fall into a situation that needed to be refreshed. On a sunny day, Barry and Howard witnessed Lisa's murder. A killer in a van assassinated her.

This deeply affected Barry. He later walked into a bar and got drunk. At his home, he was electrified by a lamp at 12:01 a.m., which is also the name of the film. The next morning, when he woke up and began his day, he saw Lisa. He was surprised, but soon realized that he was reviewing what had happened the day before.

Now, as the only one who knows that this day will repeat and Lisa will be killed, Barry must try to get close to Lisa, try to save her and get rid of the cycle of time. Jonathan Silverman plays Barry Thomas and the beautiful Helen Slater plays Lisa Frederick. They are good at portraying characters.


If you want a scene similar to groundhog day, we recommend that your next movie is triangle. The film belongs to science fiction horror. So, if you are a fan of horror movies, you will find this movie very interesting. The premise of the story is that Jesse is a single mother. She has a son with autism. One day, she took a boat trip with several others.

But fortunately, her ship was caught in a storm and capsized. One of the passengers was washed away, while the other passengers clung to the overturned ship. Fortunately, an ocean liner passed by, and the group decided to board it to save themselves. The ship was in stock, but it seemed empty.

Soon, something strange happened. It seemed that an unknown entity was trying to find survivors one by one. There is an element of time cycle in the film, which is appropriately used to maintain audience participation. Melissa George plays our protagonist Jesse. She does a good job in shaping the role. There are some very good "horror" scenes in the film.