You've got enough cash to OSRS GP purchase something you've been saving for since the day it was released... The BGS... With your strength of 87, you are now able to go all around and kill people. You can make an deal. The offer is 23532,300gp. It instantly buys. It is displayed as a note when you select it to release it. Just then you spot an opponent on your level who has just killed If you can use your BGS fast enough, you can ko him and get his legs... You immediately bank and then take your BGS out of the bank. You then attack him.

This could be one of the scenarios you might find yourself in. It's frustrating to buy one item and then remove it from the G.E. It comes out as small notes. Personally, I find it irritating. There's no doubt that many of you will think: "Well, just bank it , it's not an issue, don't be such a baby!" Yes, you can. But if your buying one item (I.E. You don't need to put it in the bank the item if you just purchase one (I.E.

The recommendation: If you have enough inventory space (Say that you have seven empty slots in your inventory) and you bought an dds, it should come out as an item. If you've got enough inventory space then it will be released as an item. If not, it should come out as an note. Of of course, if one buys 200 lobsters, then it's notes (duh) however If you only need four, and you already have four slots for inventory, then why should you have to re-bank it?

The solution to this rather irritating issue IMO, is very simple. This isn't a huge change or anything, it's a simple solution, to the smallest annoying thing... We should start by taking care of the little things. This year is all about solving them. Do you have questions? Comments? Comments? Do you want to tell me I'm an idiot? We always welcome constructive criticism!

This Thread is for you, people who are interested in it (cool entry, isn't it?). Introduction! Intro! Do you ever notice that it gets cloudy? Is it ever rainy? Is there a sky? Do you not think there should be different weather forecasts other than sun? In other words, how can those plants grow with no water?

Suggestion: I think it's time to buy rs 3 gold start raining now and later in Runescape. Once a day on every world, it will be raining for around an hour. If you truly hate it, just switch to another world. The screen will not become too blurry or distracting when it rains. You'll notice some drizzle in the background, and some in the foreground. There are puddles that occur often and, when a raindrop strikes them, it will make ripples. Similar to when a person walks across it.