Do RSC stats appear on highscores when they are greater than RS2 stats? Because he lost the password prior to OSRS gold RS2... its wierd. He wants to appeal to Jagex and see if he can recover the account, either for RSC or RS2. Would this mean that the stats are on RS2 because they are showing on high scores? Did the stats transfer from RSC to RS2 at the time they changed?

It's extremely confusing.. All I can tell is that he wants to get the account back one way or another. Hell pay membership for it if he gets it back. But which stats are they? Do they represent RSC stats or are they RS2 statistics because RSC was transferred to a different username and then the "Rscaccount" for that username got reset? We're confused. This is the reason I am asking for help on the forums.

This is a great idea.

Okay, i entered the bh.. I killed some1 with full rune.. I went to the bank to deposit my rane. When I returned, the pile had disappeared... I'm certain i returned in less than a minute. Next do u get penalty simply for looking at pile? Because i saw pile and got pen... Sorry for buy RuneScape Mobile gold sounding desperate but.. it hard for a lvl 75 like me to get a kill and now that I have it's now gone...