Amazon Studio explained the long downtime and rollback of New World's EU Central server. They stated that this was caused by a server-side error, which caused the game to distribute too much gold to New World Coins players.

New World's server, EU Central, began to shut down at 2pm on November 24th, Greenwich Mean Time. After that, New World's official Twitter announced that the server would return to normal at 1am on November 25th.

The game studio used a lengthy forum post to explain why the New World server was down for about 13 hours.

They stated that after the patch was added, a separate database modification was performed on the EU server. This modification is to get some financial compensation for players who have been affected by tax losses in the game since the feature was released in November. But this database change erroneously caused a very large amount to be distributed to the player instead of the expected amount.

This problem was first discovered through this forum post. Some players reported that they logged into the game after waking up and found that their account had increased by 300,000 gold coins. Later, this evolved into a bigger problem, that is, the server needs to be shut down for repairs. Because many players use this money to buy a large number of items from the trading station.

The developers of New World explained that because these coins have had a widespread impact, it is very necessary to roll them back.

Since there is no obvious way to reverse only the players who have obtained these gold coins, the chain effect caused is already very common, involving more players and systems. So the game team decided to roll back the characters, guilds and trading stations to 12:45 PM Central European Time, which is before the implementation of the database modification.

This rollback also caused a problem, that is, a small number of players who transferred between 12:45 pm and 3 pm Central European Time encountered the "character_restore_failure" error.

After this problem is resolved, Blizzard will update the game in a new step.

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