Dreaming that the world is reaching a conclusion is a sign you're under huge strain or stress. Your apocalypse dream could highlight a cataclysmic event, or an incomprehensible occasion. Thinking about how the world will end is a famous interest, one which has been investigated all through religion, legend, and mainstream society. 
Have you been encountering any monetary difficulties recently? This fantasy can show as a component of an issue of safety – monetary or in any case. Any pressure in your cognizant existence can make you have a fantasy of the world finding some conclusion. Maybe you feel your reality has endured, with a separation, change in work possibilities, or a misfortune. This fantasy is reflecting your sentiments, and you might think about how you'll continue, yet you will. Longing for the apocalypse can likewise propose you should be more on top of your internal feelings or senses, and can be an indication of an enthusiastic clash which you want to determine. 
Longing for an end times connotes a change in your life, or a dread of something finishing which you would rather not lose hold of, or another section starting. 
We as a whole dread demise to a degree, and this is an augmentation of the dread of the obscure, and you've presumably had no less than one dream or bad dream of the apocalypse. You might consider what lies after death, regardless, and that may be the reason for this fantasy. Freud has recommended that a fantasy including the apocalypse proposes an absence of actual contact, and as usual, his understandings of dreams boil down to stowed away sexual craving or curbed needs. As far as how your fantasy of the world completion affected you, you could do more awful than recollecting how you felt during the world's end. Assuming that you felt mitigated, you are worn out on an issue in cognizant existence, or individuals coming to you with issues. Your inner mind is telling you undoubtedly, you really want a break. You want to zero in on yourself for some time, to return entire and invigorated for what's to come. In case you longed for the world consummation and almost woke up shouting, this – shockingly enough – is a decent sign. You have numerous things you believe you actually need to do, and in the event that those musings surfaced, it couldn't damage to get everything rolling. It's additionally a demonstration of individuals in your day to day existence and the connections you have, in the event that you longed for agonizing over them toward the finish, all things considered. 
You might awaken and scrutinize the situation as they are currently. You may give a lot of consideration to the negative, and news reports that demand that everything is terrible! Indeed, things can be awful, indeed, we presumably can take care of business, yet undoubtedly, the Earth will be here long after we've gone, and that is a consoling idea.