From an economic point of view, New World issued by Amazon has gone through a very difficult period. Some players found a way to copy gold in the game, and the development team therefore closed the currency transfer function in the game twice. At present, there are problems in the New World Coins accounts of some players who have been compensated for the loss of gold coins, including huge amounts and other unexplainable payments. Now the studio has switched the EU server of New World to maintenance mode and is looking for the root cause of the problem.

Earlier, someone posted a post on the New World forum, in which the owner of one post claimed that he had received more than 300,000 coins in his account. Although at first some other forum users thought this was a fake post, some other players later also reported that members of their guild also received a huge amount of coins, the number of which was between 100,000 and 300,000.

Pneuma, the community moderator of New World, replied to the original post, simply saying "Congratulations!" Not long after this, the community manager Tosch issued an announcement about the news that the central EU region has now entered maintenance mode. Because the development team needs to investigate ongoing player coin compensation.

Two hours later, Tosch released an update stating that the amount of coin compensation received by the player was incorrect. At present, the developers are also trying to correct the problem. For these issues that are affecting the central region of the European Union, there is currently no way of knowing how long the repair process will take.

It seems that after New World has experienced several gold replication failures and other strange financial problems, it will take some time for the game's economy to be repaired. However, it doesn't matter. After all, it is a game that is just starting out, and I think the future after it is still very good.

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