In its research report, Market Research Future (MRFR), highlights that over the review period , the global market 2020 is poised to increase significantly, ensuring substantial market valuation of USD 19.04 billion and a healthy 14.60% CAGR over the review period.

Drivers and Restraints

One of the key drivers of demand for SSD controllers is the growing rise in demand for cloud-based data centres. The low cost of accessing the cloud contributes to increased demand for public cloud storage. This has resulted in the increasing demand for data centers which can store large amounts of data and require highly data-intensive operations. When businesses are more inclined towards cloud-based operations, there has been a massive increase in the number of mega data centers; this is expected to fuel demand for SSD controllers in the years ahead.

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One of the main factors affecting the growth of the demand for SSD controllers is the growth of 3D NAND technology that has brought revolution in electronic storage. 3D NAND technology offers a variety of advantages, including low power consumption and improved endurance compared to a planar design. These architectures are one-dimensional, and therefore more data can be stored by increasing its density. This results in an increase in SSD capacities and a fall in prices.


Segmental Analysis

By type, the market has been segmented into multi-level cells (MLC), single-level cells (SLC), triple-level cells (TLC). During the forecast period the multi-level cells (MLC) segment is expected to dominate the SSD controller market, while the triple-level cells (TLC) segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period.

The market has been segmented by storage interface into SAS, SATA, PCIe. The SATA segment leads the SSD controller market and is poised to continue its dominance over the forecast period. During the forecast period the PCIe segment is expected to grow at a significant pace.

The SSD controller market was segmented by application into data center, business, consumer, and retail. In 2018, the data center segment dominated the SSD controller market and is expected to contribute a significant market share of revenue over the forecast period. Customer segment is likely to record high CAGR over the forecast period.

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Regional Assessment

The global market geographic overview was conducted in four major regions including Asia Pacific , North America, Europe and the rest of the world. North America is expected to dominate the SSD controller market amongst the aforementioned regions. The broad adoption of SSD controller technology in advanced computing systems, growth of cloud computing, and proliferating big data analytics is contributing to the growth of the industry. SSD controller technology is used largely in data centers. Asia-Pacific is expected to grow in the forecast period, at the highest CAGR. The region's leading countries include China, Japan and South Korea are generating immense potential for the SSD controller industry to expand. Europe is also projected to see tremendous demand for SSD controller technology owing to the demand from the automobile industry inside the consumer market.


Competitive Analysis

The major market players operating in the global market as identified by MRFR are  Samsung (South Korea), Marvell Technology Group (UK), Intel (US), Toshiba (Japan), Micron Technology, Inc. (US), Western Digital (US), NetApp (US), IBM (US), Silicon Motion Technology Corporation (Taiwan), Phison Electronics Corporation (Taiwan), and SandForce (US). Apart from the key players, there are other players and regional players that contribute to the market growth. These include CNEX Labs, Inc. (US), OCZ (US), Realtek Semiconductor Corp. (Taiwan), ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), and Foremay (US).


Table Of Contents


1 Executive Summary


2 Scope Of The Report


2.1 Market Definition


2.2 Scope Of The Study


2.3 Research Objectives


2.4 Markets Structure


3 Market Research Methodology


3.1 Research Process


3.2 Secondary Research


3.3 Primary Research


3.4 Forecast Model


4 Market Landscape


4.1 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis


4.1.1 Threat Of New Entrants


4.1.2 Bargaining Power Of Buyers


4.1.3 Threat Of Substitutes


4.1.4 Segment Rivalry


4.1.5 Bargaining Power Of Suppliers


4.2 Value Chain/Supply Chain Of SSD Controller

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