Market Research Future, in its latest study, summed neatly that the global rectenna market 2020 could witness much bigger stability from the years 2019–2024. In these years, the market’s potentiality might rise at a towering rate, along with the same rate of valuation as well. It could be the great achievement of the market to see the future amidst COVID 19 pandemic across the world.


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Top Impacting Factors


Rectennas are powered by radio waves as they are still under their nascent stage. The continuous ongoing research to improve the configuration and capabilities of Rectennas has been one of the prime factors leading the market to a great extent. Rectenna plays a pivotal role in signal and power transmission components for wireless communication and radar communication systems.


Its applications in connected automotive vehicles enable automobile manufacturers to augment autonomous driving capabilities by presenting features like wireless power transmission for electric vehicles and proficient transmission of radio signals. The rectennas also offer superior capabilities as compared to chip-based antennas and even patch antennas that are used in Smartphones. All these factors have made the market more and more valuable before.

The global rectenna market is anticipated to be driven by mounting demand for advanced technology devices in the consumer electronics industry, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other portable devices. The widening user base of Smartphones is also in line to be a significant factor driving the global rectenna market during the assessment period.

To add in this, with the appearance of 5G technology, mobile bandwidth is anticipated to expand, ushering in a new era of immersive experience, connectivity, and efficient data transfer in the rectenna market. 5G technology in mobile broadband services is likely to use high-frequency bands requiring robust Rectennas with a broader spectrum, faster download speeds, and higher traffic capacity. Thus, the demand for mobile broadband is rising, resulting in high bandwidth applications, surged data transmission, and rising adoption of Rectennas for efficient communication. These have opened avenues for the global Rectennas market to spur double-digit in the coming years.


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Segmentation of Market

The global rectenna market has been segmented among types and applications.

In terms of type segment, the rectenna market has included radio frequency (RF) rectenna and optical rectenna.

In terms of the application segment, the rectenna market has included RFID, wireless power transmission, contactless cards, proximity cards, and energy harvesting

Regional Front

Regionally, the rectenna market has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the rest of the world.

MRFR identifies that several technological advancements by the antenna manufacturers in China, Japan, and South Korea are anticipated to create opportunities for local manufacturers to manufacture and cater to diverse application areas, as the market is still in its burgeoning stage.

The market in North America is likely to be at the second spot for the rectenna market owing to the rich incidence of telecommunication equipment manufacturers and emerging smart devices markets. The US is one of the prosperous countries for investors to invest in the production of rectennas owing to the accessibility of manufacturing infrastructure and highly skilled workforce. The US holds practically 70% of the Rectennas market in North America. Besides, industry automation and higher adoption of smart homes in the US produces the need for efficient data transfer, which also plays a pivotal role in the development of the rectenna market across the US and North America. The advancement and exponential growth in consumer electronics vertical, and the need for wireless power transmission across Asia-Pacific and Europe is one of the foremost factors driving the growth of the Rectennas market.


Industry Players

The prime players in the rectenna market are identified as CoolCAD Electronics LLC (US), Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Japan), Allis Communications (US), Nihon Dengyo Kosaku Co Ltd (China), API Technologies Corporation (US), Antenova Ltd (UK), AVX Antenna Inc (US), Ducommun Incorporated (US), AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation (US), AH Systems Inc (US), and FURUNO Electric Co., Ltd (Japan).


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