Air-conditioning market: 2014 was the year when China's air-conditioning market broke out. The output of nearly 100 million units and the export volume of 40 million units have provided support for the prosperity of upstream compressors, refrigerants, valves, radiators and other industries.

On the basis of 2014, my country's air-conditioning market showed a downward trend in 2015, but the huge foundation of China's air-conditioning production will continue to support the development of upstream companies. Refrigeration equipment is ushering in a period of vigorous development in China. Refrigeration equipment maintains a stable and high growth trend.

In the next few years, the cold chain logistics industry will provide strong support for refrigeration compressors. Other commercial refrigeration: With the continuous improvement of food safety and people's requirements for food quality, the market has strong demand for refrigeration equipment in supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, food processing, bars and cold chain transportation.

Industrial refrigeration: large food processing, biopharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, large cryogenic cold storage and other necessary refrigeration companies will only increase the demand for refrigeration equipment, thus supporting the development of the refrigeration industry.

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