I suggest you start with OSRS gold the green dragons on Varrock and, if you are unhappy with the bank times/number of people, switch to the Chaos Tunnel greens.

It is recommended to get some green drags around level 20 over Varrock. When you've got enough, return to clan wars. Take a walk to the east until you are able to see the dragons. Then, once your full, just teleport to bounty hunter using the game necklace, deposit then teleprot to clan wars and repeat. It saves lots of walking. Games necklaces are cheap and easy to purchase, or create if you have a few spare sapphires.

The chaos tunnel-green dragons are quicker and easier to learn than the wilderness dragons. They are more efficient than the wilderness Dragons in terms of food consumption, but they also offer the benefit of being out of the wilderness (no Revenants, or their nagging Teleblocks) and buy RS gold much less crowded (only 1-2 hops to locate a world without anyone) and closer to a bank than the wild dragons.