Sell Dragon Chainbody and OSRS gold Dragon Platelegs to help fund for Bandos Plate and Bandos Tassets to go with my Bandos Godsword. Keep My Dragon armour as well as my Bandos Godsword and buy a Santa Hat. Buy an Dragon Full Helm and sell my Bandos Godsword. I'd still have a whip as well as a square and the dragon square. I'm selling my Bandos Godsword to purchase a Bandos Plate, Bandos Tassets or an DragonFire Shield. (I'd still need a whip.

I've always had pking accounts. My main dragonmyth is currently a 70 defense pker. I have also had several 1-10 defense pures as well as an initate pure. After praying for 52, the maximum attack and strength, i'm now curious whether any of these accounts are still good and which is the most effective.

Now, turn on the Protect From Melee. It is recommended to continue running. You shouldn't eat food when you're sick. If you are feeling sick, drink anti-poison fluid and drink a potion of energy. Make use of buy RuneScape Mobile gold your plank to reach the traps of claws.