When we are doing cell phone signal jammer coverage projects, customers often ask us what kind of environment can we assemble an effective mobile phone signal jammer. Why are mobile phone signal jammers used in some places ineffective, or the effect is relatively poor? What's the difference? In fact, this will ultimately be related to the surrounding environment, installation location, distance and quantity of the mobile phone signal jammer you use.

The mobile phone signal jammer manufacturer explains to you under what circumstances the effect of installing a mobile phone signal jammer is relatively poor?

1. There was no data analysis, plane survey, shielding coverage plan and other work in the early stage, resulting in no effect after blind installation, poor shielding effect, etc. (Before installing the shield, contact the professional customer service of Topsignaljammer Shield for consultation, and give Please refer to professional installation advice before purchasing a shield suitable for your own location).

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From the above information, we can understand that the operator we use is China Mobile. The frequency band is LTE2600MHZ and the signal strength of the environment is -86DB (the larger the data, the worse the information. It is generally recommended that the mobile phone signal jammer be installed at a position with a field strength above -86. Normal use) If the test data of the mobile card or China Unicom card you use is China Mobile or China Unicom data, the test signal strength needs to be tested separately by the four cards of China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Radio and Television to be more accurate. Screenshot the professional information to the manufacturer and give it based on data analysis. Professional installation solution suggestions

Do many manufacturers tell you that we all have four-network 2G.3G.4G.5G.WIFI signals fully shielded when leaving the factory? In fact, WiFi is transmitted in many segments. Without testing or checking the professional frequency band technical parameters given by the manufacturer, it cannot be completely shielded. WiFi is divided into three segments (2.4G+5.2G+5.8G) with a bandwidth of several hundred megabits. This is why many customers It is said that although there is WiFi signal shielding, you can still connect to WiFi and watch videos online normally when used on site. Unprofessional manufacturers will generally express that they cannot recommend a better one to you. Topsignaljammer only recommends the right ones and not the expensive ones. .

Many factories tell you that jammers have different shielding distances based on different signal strengths. We can use the software to check whether there are base stations near the place where you use the mobile phone signal jammer, how many base stations there are, etc.

Information, using mobile base stations or China Unicom base stations, telecommunications base stations, etc. Our signal jammer factory can make adjustments based on the information frequencies of nearby base stations to enhance the signal strength of the base stations so as to be effective.

Shielding can be customized one-on-one. Other factories use unified debugging and cannot change it, resulting in poor shielding effect and intermittent use of mobile phones.

2. The installation height does not meet the requirements, the installation position is improper (there are obstructions), and the use of partition walls causes signal obstruction.

3. Environmental factors. There is a base station 200-500 meters away from the location where the mobile phone signal jammer is installed, causing the shielding to fail.