Pumpkin Panic is a free farming/survival game where you have to escape from some scary animals in a haunted pumpkin patch. It's a terrifying and entertaining game to play this Halloween pumpkin panic. Here are a few of the game's features:

• To recover his stolen pumpkin seeds from the terrible spirits who lurk in the shadows, you play as Jack, a pumpkin suffering from pumpkin panic.

• You can explore the farm, cultivate fish, plant crops, and make survival tools.

• The wendigo, the shadow man, and the clown are just a few of the opponents you must contend with; if they catch you, they'll try to murder you.

• You need to control your thirst, appetite, health, and sanity in addition to the weather and time of day.

• The game has easter eggs and mysteries, such methods to defeat the foes or allusions to the Shrek films pumpkin panic game.

• There are three difficulty settings available: easy, normal, and hard.

• The game's retro sound effects and pixel art visuals evoke a spooky and nostalgic feeling.