The rapier is one of the 11 weapons currently available in Amazon MMO New World, and it is one of the most harmful options among melee weapons. This light sword is a perfect choice for players who want to stand up in front of their opponents but also want to show off their skills. In addition to some dodge and parry abilities, the outstanding feature of the New World Coins rapier is rapid attack and continuous damage bleeding, allowing players to skillfully enter and exit the opponent's melee range while still causing damage.

In New World, every player has five core attributes. Each weapon is suitable for use with specific attributes. At the same time, the player's weapon mastery determines the active and passive abilities of the player's character when using a particular weapon. The player's character can equip up to two weapons at a time, so it is important to consider what other weapons might match the weapon the player is using.

New World Coins

The rapier comes from two stats, agility and intelligence. Although agility is its main attribute, if the player's second weapon does not benefit from agility, the player may switch to putting points on intelligence. If the player uses the rapier as the player's main weapon, the player will want to load all points into the agility when leveling up to maximize the damage that the player can use the weapon to cause.

The two skill trees of Rapier are divided into dodge skills and high damage skills. Any specific abilities that a Amazon New World Coins player ultimately personally uses will depend on what the player is trying to play, but no matter what the player is doing, some of them will be targeted. Tondo is the main bleeding ability of the rapier. Not only will it detract from the player’s opponent, but its range is slightly farther than most melee skills, allowing the player to use it within a safe range.

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