Any title loan in the market is a protected form of a loan with value that is provided by the loan provider to the applicants guaranteed by the ownership of the collateral. The method to get such a loan has been made easier by the web with complete online application and approval of the loan. To improve the knowledge of our first reader let us discuss the reason to select vehicle title loans over a normal loan.

Reason To Choose A Vehicle Title Loan

A simple loan involves pledging the value in a commodity completely to the loan provider whereas a title loan pledges the ownership of a commodity in exchange for the intrinsic value. The basic reason for choosing a title loan over a normal one is that in the case of a title loan transfer of property does not take place in most cases. A number of reasons support the use of an auto title loan as compared to a regular secured loan:

  • Immediate cash: A Title Loan is quite useful in case of emergency as it offers quick dispersal of funds to customers. 
  • No Confiscation: Most lenders do not impound the vehicle after the loan as a vehicle can also serve as a source of income for the applicant.
  • Less Paperwork: Car Title loans are secured by the mortgaged vehicle, hence only requiring the basic paperwork from the applicants.

Furthermore, to understand a title loan better we can discuss the influencers of the title loan for cars.

Factors That Affect A Vehicle Title Loan

A  car title loan approval involves a number of deciding factors that influence the loan amount calculation:

  1. Market Value: The automobile brought in for the purpose of a lien is evaluated by a vehicle’s expert to get an estimate about the market price of the vehicle in its current condition.
  2. Market ROI: In the case of a title loan, the interest levied affects the repayment capacity to the applicant greatly and it depends on the overall market rate and the central bank’s levied bank rate. 
  3. Loan Term: The duration of a loan influences the rate applied on the principal amount and the amount of the monthly EMI. 

Documents Required for Vehicle Title Loan

The documentation required by the loan providers is used as proof of the claims of the applicant and also helps them to ensure that their lien over the vehicle would be legally supported in the event of default. Some of the basic documents required by all the loan providers are: 

  • The original ownership paperwork of the vehicle.
  • The government issued paperwork such as vehicle registration, pollution certificate, and mandatory insurance for the vehicle.
  • Proof of income is a necessary requirement to get the loan approval. Bank statements or salary slips act as the requisite document. 
  • The additional documentation includes proof of identity and residence of the applicant.

Getting a Vehicle Title Loan from Canadian Title store

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